Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to advertise your business on Facebook? (Business)

Related imageLet’s face it, Facebook ads help you to promote your business. Soon more fans will be attracted to your business page and the money will be pouring in. Facebook will allow you to advertise a website or group, page or event. The ad creation and management tools are very similar to the Google AdWords Interface. So you need to get started with the process of advertising your business on Facebook. To get started simply go to Facebook.com/advertising   and go through the steps suggested by clicking on create an ad.
First choose your destination URL that can be your own website or something already on a  Facebook  page like a group, event or a Facebook page.  Next choose your advertisement type. There is a thing called Sponsored Stories that can generate more distribution for news feeds. Another type is Facebook Ads that allow you to promote an entity on your own website.

For Facebook Ads, choose your destination tab which is the landing page that your ad will point to. Next choose your ads title. Pick an eye-catching concise title. Create a copy for the body. Write something interesting about what you are advertising. Choose an image or logo to be present with your advertisement since it has been proven that pictures increase the click –on rate. Finally, preview your ad and make any necessary changes as needed.

For Sponsored Stories, choose your story type from three suggestions given. You can select a “Page like Story” a “Page Post Story” or a “Page Post Like   Story.” There will be a question mark next to each of these three types that you can click on for more clarification if needed. Finally, preview your story and make any necessary changes as needed.

Related imageThe next step would be to target your audience. Your advertisement is more likely to perform better if it can attract the type of customer you are seeking. Facebook has a spot where you can select the country you are seeking to advertise in. You can choose up to 25 countries but note that if you target more than one country you won’t be able to refine your targeting to specific cities. Next choose the demographics you want to target. You can also attract people by likes, interests and connections on Facebook.

The success of Facebook is in that they think of everything for you. When it comes to finding people, Facebook is the leader even more than other websites that are designed to find people because it is such a network of ideas to attract people to you. Finally, select a payment type and budget for your advertising campaign. Scroll down to the “pricing” section and select “the Set a Different b=Bid” (Advanced Mode) link that will show you a suggested range of bids that are currently winning the auction of ads similar to yours.   It is good to know what the market rate is.  You can then then choose CPM (Pay for Impression ) or CPC (Pay for Clicks).


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