Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to make beautiful hairstyles for long hair (Entertainment)

Your hair is very important to others. It speaks volumes about you before anyone even knows your name. Yes, appearance is everything at least at first meeting. With just one look, people can make a quick assessment if you are rich or poor depending on the quality of your clothes, they will look at your skin, feet and nails to decide on your hygiene and most of all they will look at your hair and in particular at your hair style to determine whether you are trendy, conservative or just plain clean. The most care on a daily basis must be done to your hair and if you dare to grow your hair out long you are asking for a lot of maintenance to look just right.

Related imageIf you are skillful and knowledgeable, it is possible to manage your own long hair however there are professionals that make a living managing other people’s long hair. There is a reason for this lucrative profession because most people don’t have the time or the skills to maintain that unruly mop of hair on their own head.  Men are now trending to spending time on their man bun on the top of their head as a cool hairstyle for long hair on men. Long hair on men used to imply that they were probably a rock star or punk or that they were more frivolous or less successful. Not anymore. Not only are men growing their hair long, they are regularly even for businessmen putting it up in a man bun.

For women, every pony tail, plait and chignon is an important do in order to look great and be noticed. If you have curly or wavy hair there are certain hairstyles great for your natural texture. If you have straight hair, braids are always easy and beautiful. A good up do hairstyle can take you anywhere from the gym to an elegant affair if done just right. Hair only grows about a half inch per month so if you have a really long mane, you might just want to show it all off in its long glory but you still need to maintain it in a good shaped cut with no split ends and a good healthy texture. Yes, wearing it all out is a hairstyle too.

Related imageTo make any beautiful hairstyle for long hair you will need tools and some basic ideas. For a long curls hairstyle use a mouse to damp hair then blow dry sections using a paddle brush for loose curls on the ends. Another hairstyle is a sleek low ponytail. Use a sleek heat spray then flat iron the mane in sections.  Then tie it in a low pony tail. A favorite hairstyle with many women is the timeless side part. Flat iron the hair as you would do for the pony tail hairstyle but this time use a tail comb to part it deep on one side. Brush the hair to smooth the part and then blend in some hair oil to smooth out the top finally use fine control hairspray to keep the part in place no matter what your activity rate is.  Most of all enjoy and flaunt your beautiful long hair.

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