Friday, October 16, 2015

The Process of Getting Visa to Dubai? (International)

There are 39 countries that do not require a visa to enter Dubai. The United States is   one of them. If you are a citizen from America   or are from   European Union   member states you do not require a pre-entry Visa to visit Dubai.  Some   will   need a sponsor for your visit and the sponsor normally applies for the Visa on your behalf. What is a valid sponsor? Well different valid sponsors depend on the nature of your visit and the duration of your visit. If you are planning a short stay say for a vacation, hotels and tourist agencies can apply as a sponsor on your behalf. They will apply for a Tourist Visa that is valid for only 30 days.

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There are other types of Visas depending on the duration of your intended stay like the short Service Visa that is only valid for 14 days or if you wish to stay even longer than a 30 day Tourist Visa there is the option of the Visit Visa that extends for an additional 30 days. Airliners can apply on behalf of their employees a Transit Visa that is valid for only 96 hours as a Transit Visa for the crew members of the airlines. If you are part of an organization located in Dubai or the UAE United Arab Emirates, your sponsor organization can only apply for Service Visas or Visit Visas since you are only working there. If you know any individuals such as a friend or relative living in Dubai, they may apply as your sponsor only for a Visit Visa and be subjected to guidelines.

No matter which type of visa you desire, the Entry Service Permit, the Tourist Visa. The Visit Visa or the Transit Visa, you will need basic documents. The UAE requires everyone entering the country to possess a Passport, a copy of your confirmed flight bookings,   bank approval letter, Passport sized photographs of yourself and the Visa fee. Additional questions about the application of a Visa will be entertained by the General Directory of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

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If you are a citizen of a GCC country that is a Gulf Cooperation Council, you don’t need a Visa at all.  You must be a citizen of Quatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.  Israel citizens will be denied a Visa. If you are not from America you will have to find a sponsor. If you are a United States citizen it is much easier to visit Dubai especially if you are a general tourist. With a valid passport that is good for more than six months you can proceed to the customs check and you will be directed on how to get your Visa. This includes United States citizens who have entry stamps from other countries. If all is well, the Visas are available at the airports. If you plan to stay longer than one month, you can ask for an extension from the Immigration Office in the United Arab Emirates.

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