Friday, October 9, 2015

Ghana a Peaceful Place to Live (International)

Some people think that Ghana is the most peaceful place to live in all of Africa. Well that shouldn’t be a difficult opinion to make since there is so much war and fear in many places in Africa from war lords and militant men.  The Upper West Region of Ghana seems to be the most peaceful place in particular because there are only 469 police officers to patrol a population of 688,101 people throughout a land mass of 18,476 square kilometers. In any other region in the world there would be total chaos without much police supervision. Why do all the people there lead such civilized law abiding peaceful lives? Why can’t the rest of Africa and the rest of the world learn from the people of Ghana   about peace?

Related imageWhat factors make people happy and peaceful in any region? To know that answer is to look at the places ravaged with war and unrest and protests. Those places are dangerous places to live because the people are usually unhappy because of a dictator in charge and because the people feel they are being mistreated in some way. Not in Ghana. In Ghana the government is based on democratic policies where there are free elections of their leaders. Most of Africa is troubled regions but Ghana is known for their peaceful elections and that means a lot for a troubled country often confused as to who their effective leaders are.

The people of Ghana are educated and free to express their opinions. The country is known for its free media and has good FM radio stations available to all the citizens who can listen to and participate   in exposing possible problems, holding government accountable and allowing the people to speak in the discussions important to the region. Having your voices and opinions to be allowed to be heard makes people happy and peaceful. The people of Ghana welcome tourists and treat all visitors well. There is a place called The Green Ranch that has a 5 star rating for excellent service and wonderful horseback riding of any length of time from short gallops to a day long ride around a beautiful lake. That is the definition of a peaceful place to live.

Related imageAfrica should be one of the finest places on earth with its wealth of exotic animals and a land full of   rich natural resources of expensive minerals like emeralds and diamonds. Somehow the people of most of Africa has let people from other countries own their diamonds and bullies rape their women and become war lords ruining the precious jungles for the sale of wood without planting new seeds and letting the people of many regions live in total poverty with poor drinking water and little food to farm.  Disease is more rampart than clean healthy lives.
The rest of Africa needs to learn from the civilized well informed politically active people of Ghana as to how to live peacefully, healthy and active politically for a good life for all people.

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