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20 Popular Video Sharing Websites like YouTube (Entertainment)
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20 Popular Video Sharing Websites like You Tube are:

1.     Current TV is a website that is also a TV Channel but unlike all other TV Channels post their content from their TV onto their video sites.

2.     TED is unique in the world of streaming video in that it is there to attract the most brilliant people in the world and spread their message.

3.     Big Think is similar to Ted but different in that it interviews the brilliant people they find rather than just post whatever they are speaking about.

4.    Atom can be funnier than YouTube since it posts all kinds of comedy like an enormous amount of animation, comedy sketches and shorts from just about anyone.

5.     Blip.Tv is similar to Current TV   in that it shows its own produced shows and accepts productions from ordinary people. It makes revenue from its own advertising.

6.      Min is a place where you can learn from others how. How to do just about anything from capturing the best photography to learning how to build something.

7.      World Wide Internet TV is more an aggregator since it doesn’t post videos but tells you on what sites you can find the video of your choice.

8.      Hulu takes pride in finding you the entire clip or show that you may only be able to see in chopped up quick clips on other sites.

9.      Vimeo was created by filmmakers so you will see posted good content of great quality of videos from professional artists so no messy amateur videos.

10.   Stickam is different in that it lets the audience stream their videos live from weddings to events.  It can be graphic if something unexpected happens from a live event.

 11. Ustream is older than Strickam and is similar in the live streaming but it also allows people to        have their own Channels and shows live.

12.   Blinkx boasts that it is the world’s largest video sharing site.  All you have to do is type a              keyword and you get results from all other major sites.

13.   Dailymotion is a French video sharing website that limits each share to 60 minutes.  The                 restrictions do not seem to be a problem and is similar to YouTube.

14.   VEOH is an Internet television service that hosts studio content. It accepts hundreds of                   different formats and allows you to share each community.

15.   Metacafe shows short videos in the categories of video games,   sports, music, movies and             TV.  This site will pay you $5.00 for every 1000 views.

16.   Flickr offers videos and video hosting. There is a free account and a paid one.   Both accounts        have restrictions of only 90 seconds a view at a time.

17.   BREAK is popular known for everything funny. It dwells on videos, movie clips and still               photos. There are many formats that you will be able to upload a video.

18.   VEVO is the right place for all music lovers and music artists. It is a great place for an artist to      promote their videos. Unfortunately advertisements are attached that you can’t get out.

19.   Vube is a new alternative to YouTube and after registering is an easy free way to see just about    anything. It is becoming very popular with amateur video artists.

20.   ZippCast is a place where your videos will never be taken down. There are no advertisements       in the videos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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