Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10 Popular Local Fashion Brands in your Country (Entertainment)

10 Popular Local Fashion Brands in the United States are:

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1.       Nike is based in Oregon and is an American based company. I base popularity on the success of the company. Nike sells $31 billion dollars in sales each   year. Most of its growth is from its active wear market. With a simple check as a logo on its products it has become a global brand in demand globally.
2.       Ralph Lauren is the only other brand that comes close to Nike’s success with $7.5 Billion dollars in sales recently. It is a lifestyle brand leading in casual cotton comfort clothing yet fashionable. Ralph Lauren has also become an international giant in the fashion world globally.
3.       The Gap sells   about $6.2 Billion   dollars in sales each year but had to close one quarter of its North American stores and is now trying to restructure the company by spending less money on stores.
4.       Levi Strauss & Co. is an apparel brand that recently broke the $4 Billion mark in annual sales recently. The San Francisco based company is benefitting from its strong marketing and advertising in many apparel stores.     
5.       Michael Kors has a broad spectrum of fashionable apparel. The brand is known for quality women’s clothing to handbags to bedsheets and fragrances. It sells a lot of products in outlet stores. The brand is able to take in $4.4 billion dollars in revenue each year without spending much money on stores or advertising.  Not bad for them.
6.       Coach is largely focused on leather goods for both men and women even personalized. The brand is known for its high quality and classic styles.  Recently sales have been in decline but a new CEO was named and he hopes to have the brand more marketed to various aged people.
7.       Tommy Hilfiger is a brand of clothing line for men, women and children known for its classy comfort with wild colors and stripes that somehow make you still look elegant at a sporting event.
8.       American Eaglebrand is a fashionable brand geared to the younger crowd selling its clothing line in malls across America always with distinctive music blaring and model looking sales people.
9.       Under Armour   is a brand of active sportswear based in Maryland.  It is currently the fastest growing apparel wear line in the United States. Many famous sportsmen and women wear this brand to their sporting events. Its sales increased recently by 34% to $3 billion dollars a year. The international revenue grew a staggering 96% and you can expect it to continue growing as long as the world is interested in active wear.
10.   Old Navy is an apparel brand that is larger than its sister company The Gap and sells affordable day wear and is known for its discount pricing. For a clothing brand that is not known for any special style or fabrics, it still manages to take in $6.6 billion dollars per year.


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