Saturday, October 24, 2015

Popular Payment Gateway Services Providers in your Country (Business)

Quite often these days you find yourself doing business with people in foreign countries using different currencies. How do you get paid or do you pay for transactions internationally? That is when you need a payment gateway services provider. There are many in the United States. Some popular ones are Flagship Merchant Services that is a Gold Award Winner.  Flagship has competitive transaction fees and low setup costs. However if you are a high risk business in multi-national markets, you may not be approved for merchant accounts. Flagship Merchant Services is good for business owners eager to start processing payments online.

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Intuit Merchant Services is another good payment gateway services provider.  They are great for low set up fees, fair transaction fees and easy integration with websites and Quick Books makes Intuit Merchant Services ideal for start ups and web retailers. However, users without other Intuit Software such as Quick Books   will miss out on some useful features. With or without Quick Books, Intuit offers everything a merchant needs to set up a gateway services provider and to be able to conduct business on line. is a website that offers competitive fees and rates, high compatibility with shopping carts, “preconfigured” buy buttons and solutions available   for every type of online storefront. However, the payment gateway stands alone, so you will have to manage implementation and merchant accounts elsewhere. is a proven payment gateway well adapted to a variety of business models.

GoEmerchant has everything necessary   to process credit card payments online. The month-to-month service won’t stick you with any cancellation fees. However reconfigured web stores are quite basic. GoEmerchant is a complete one stop solution for everything a merchant needs in order to do basic and effective online credit card processing.   

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Cyber Source Essentials is a start-to-finish solution that is considerably   easier to implement and to control than other start-up services. It is also easier to automate than other competitors. However, binding contracts, larger set-up fees and inflated transaction fees could be a problem for merchants doing large volumes of sales. For an all-in-one solution including merchant account, payment gateway, shopping cart and professional support, Cyber Source Essentials is hard to beat.

E-Commerce Exchange   does not force you to get its merchant account if you use its payment gateway.  Online chat is not part of the customer support system. This is a competitive, full featured provider of payment gateway services.

Chase Paymentech   has prebuilt webstores, integrated shopping carts and hosting services available. Paymentech is one of the easiest payment gateways to implement. However, steep cancellation fees that aren’t clearly stated before you sign on with Paymentech can cause unexpected problems later. Electronic commerce businesses looking to get set up without an excess of programming and problems will find Chase Paymentech a good payment processing choice.

All of the above providers are good aids to processing payments on line. You just have to decide which of the many is perfect for your business .

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