Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What is your dream country to live in? (Entertainment)

My dream country that I would love to live in is Italy. It is a  magical place full of history, tradition, beauty, great wine, delicious food, warm people and just about the size and shape of Florida yet it encompasses so much more than Florida could ever become. I’m not sure you can get past the art and architecture without catching your breath along the way. The oldness and history of each street and cobblestone is an honor to walk on considering the famous artists and scientists that walked on the very same streets centuries ago.  Names like Da Vinci and Michelangelo flow from your mouth like a good meal.

Related imageThe food is taken very seriously. People from all over the world love what Italians do with their farm fresh tomatoes and herbs to create a distinctive taste loved by all people. There are regions only an hour away from each other known for their wine growing, goat herding for cheese, farms for eggplants, tomatoes herbs and peppers, cows for their fine cold cuts and lean salami and sausages and meatballs. The streets in the towns are full with the aroma of fresh bread baking from storefronts, the cafes and pasticcerias fill the air with the   sweet smell of fine cakes to go with a rich cup of espresso coffee. Meals that only require pepper and salt and olive oil as seasoning because the ingredients are so fresh and tasty.

It is the people who are all so beautiful and handsome and respectful of each one’s role in life that seems to never change with time. You will see the old couple of about 90 years old with matching canes holding hands walking slowly after having lunch together. Look at the widows dressed in black talking about their children and late husbands. The young boys play soccer in the streets while their mothers wearing aprons yell out the windows for them to come home to eat something. The Italian husbands hold their wives purses with their infants strapped to their chests while their wives get to smoke a relaxing cigarette strutting behind in their sexy stiletto fashionable stiletto high heels. If a beautiful young woman passes by in a Prada suit, everyone stares and enjoys the view. Life is beautiful there for all ages of people.
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The most important likeness of Italy is its reputation for love. So many other places in the world are involved in greed, oppression of its people, war and religious bias. I can only describe it in the way a woman describes love from an Italian man. An Italian man doesn’t look at a woman; he can stare at her for hours. He doesn’t kiss her but will savor her and taste the rest of her as well. Many will say that it is not about having sex but more about   enveloping her in a raw and savage way of accelerating   pleasure. It is amazing how devoted Italian love can be even if for only a one night stand. 

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