Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Engineering Education Departments Degrees and Directions in your Country (Education)
Related imageIn the United States my Country, the emphasis on educating our students in the fields of engineering is not as great as in other countries yet we still produce most engineers. It is difficult to compare schools around the world because each engineering school has a different emphasis. Overall United States and just about any other developed country like Japan produce the most engineers in the world. Russia leads the way followed by the United States but even that statement could be wrong since no one really tabulates the amount of engineering education department degrees found   in China or India.

We will focus on America’s schools. The important focus is to find the schools that emphasize not only the various types of engineering subjects to major in but to also focus on the schools who will be training teachers of engineering schools. One that stands out further than all the others is Clemson University that has a Department of Engineering and Science Education with various teaching courses one can take. Utah State University also stands out because they have a Department of Engineering and Technology Education. East Carolina University in Greenville N.C. has a Department of Engineering, College of Technology and Computer Science. At Purdue University there is the School of Engineering Education in Indiana. They are all fine schools that have extensive studies in the field of educating engineers. America should be proud of the teaching possibilities offered in the country.

Related imageSo if you have narrowed it all down to about five key choices to choose from now choose what type of engineering you are interested in. There can be as much as 40 very different types of engineering degrees to choose from. Subjects like aerospace, biomedical, construction, civil, industrial, computer, electrical, electronics, mechanical, robotics and the list goes on and on. The choices are all so interesting and all vital to assist in a growing economy that is in constant need for professionals in each and every one of these fields.  Important is the science and math of these degree types but equally important is to have the ability to teach these detailed subjects and that involves an entire different talent. Science and math geeks are easy to find but to find one who is also talented in sharing their experience and knowledge in an easy and understanding way can be the most valuable teacher, employee and director of any project.

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We discussed engineering, departments, degrees but what about the directions America is going to stress? All fields of engineering is very important to a thriving economy however, the United States spends most of its budget on the Military. America may not be sending men to the moon anymore but this country is the leader in satellites and military operations through aerospace. America gives the world navigation satellite technology for free. We need to continue our superior strength in aerospace engineering and produce the best teachers and students in this field. 

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