Friday, September 18, 2015

Where is the involvement of the United Nations and the Peace Corp, The Red Cross and countless other charitable organizations that millions of people pour billions of dollars into to help the poor people rushing to save their lives from suffering and starvation in the Middle East? Europe is trying their best to accommodate human lives that arrive with nothing but they need help. Help from all over the world including the orient. It is a humanitarian crisis of Biblical proportion.  The photograph of the beautiful little boy washed to shore lifeless is a photo as memorable as the naked girl who was running through the streets of Vietnam years and years ago. Why must there always be a tragic memory?

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The drowned toddler wash up from the sea is a story from one of thousands now dead at sea simply because there is no safe passage for the people to cross a mere 8 miles from the Middle e\East to a Greek Island to safety. There in never a shortage of smugglers willing to take a families’ life savings for a unsafe passage across the sea. This is 2015 not centuries ago. We can put satellites on the moon but no country in the world can provide a save ship to carry refugees? Where is the humanity in the world?  A photograph of a lifeless Syrian little boy washed up on a Turkish beach should at least be a symbol of unity to save lives.

Related imageThe boy was just one of his family who died. His brother and mother was washed up at sea. Their home was bombed by ISIS militants in Syria. They had to leave but like this? They fled to Turkey paying smugglers $5,000 for passage to a Greek island in a 15 foot rubber boat holding a hundred people.  The Greek morgues are full of dead refugees. This family was from one of the hundreds of thousands currently from the Middle East and Africa fleeing the battle worn and poverty stricken countries, It is the biggest mass migration in Europe since World War ll.  They come from Syria, through Turkey then to Greece, Macedonia. Serbia to Hungary finally Austria, Germany and the rest of Europe.
At least 350,000 refugees and migrants have illegally entered Europe this year. That is nearly triple the number of last year. There have been more than $3,000 migrant deaths this year. Even if they survive and make it to Europe, they are met with the crushing realization that they are not welcomed. Why aren’t the streets lined with charitable organizations helping these people to assimilate somewhere in the world? There is chaos in Hungary that at the Budapest train station the military are fighting to keep the people away.  This year more than 2,300 people have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to get to Europe.  The smugglers offer only miserable conditions.
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Donate a aircraft vessel or just one cruise ship to help these people.  Bionce and Jay Z are in the Mediterranean too upon their $900 thousand dollar a week rental yacht this summer.   The rich and famous don’t care either. The sea is a rough ride even though it is only a 8 mile journey. In an inadequate vessel it is deadly. Even if they survive the journey at sea they have nowhere to go, no welcome.  They stop and give up once they learn their family has died. There is no reason to try to go anywhere anymore. Who needs safety when all you love has died.

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