Saturday, September 19, 2015

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When will men and Republicans realize that the greatest gift on earth is women? We have gone through 2 Republican debates and have learned much about the ignorance of much of America. The second debate was the most watched program in CNN history. At least America is finally interested in what these mostly men have to say. The one woman running for President, Carly Fiorina, might as well be one of the insensitive men in the race. She doesn’t stand for equal pay for women, maternity leave, abortion right or contraception as part of health care. As a woman you would at least think that rapists should be sterilized.  Jeb Bush was the first to brag that he was one of the first states to defund Planned Parenthood.  Should candidates be that interested in women’s vaginas?

Donald Trump spent the first debate talking about how ugly he thought Rosie O’Donnell is. Then spent the second debate telling Carly she was pretty. There are so many problems to discuss about America that is infinitely more intriguing than the issues they talked about. It is embarrassing to know that these people are Senators, Governors, CEO’s and Billionaires. I agree completely with Jennifer Granholm the former Governor of Michigan when she points out that when Jeb Bush was Governor not only did he defund Planned Parenthood but he actually took his power and influence to intervene in two cases to prevent a 13 year old girl and a mentally challenged woman who was raped from being able to get an abortion.

Related imageHe went further and allowed a Bill to become Law that is called The Scarlet Letter Bill which requires women who are single Moms who want to put their children up for adoption to publish their sexual histories in the newspaper so that the father would know even if they were raped. Then he writes in his book that he published called Profiles In Character that “public shaming of single mothers or promiscuous teenagers is a good thing to prevent them from misbehaving.   That is just one totally outrageous disrespect of women and their intellects. When will men be chastised for supporting teen porn sites, not having to have any laws demanding that they raise the children they father or sterilizing them in society?

Related imageOur Congress is already very anti women do we need views like these to be promoted in the future? The Feds already voted against The Anti-violence- Against Women Act, they voted against equal pay, they all want to shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood meanwhile  60% of all women, Republicans too favor the various services Planned Parenthood offers Americans. Not just women. Americans. It is about time men even take responsibility for the children they father.  This should NOT be considered a woman’s issue. The debates did not even talk about the middle class but they were interested in the vagina's.

Even 60% of Republicans support an exception to the ban on abortion for rape and incest. There are candidates at the debates who do not favor exceptions for anything like Scott Walker who does not even favor an exception for the life of a mother. Such disrespect for women is outrageous. Republican candidates need to know more about the mysterious people who aren’t men.  They are not motivated by a penis. They are your Mom, your Aunt, your sister your daughter. They have all been much more to us than just barefoot and pregnant. They gave us love, advice, wisdom and lunch every day. They are forgiving and still are the ones that change most of the diapers and clean the toilets. Of course they are mad at men a lot, you would be mad too if you were the chosen ones to have to carry a fetus and menstruate every month.

Women can do it all and choose to step back and let men feel important. Men need to admit women exist even when we are not horny. Stop the nonsense and admit that women need to be respected and they and only they should decide what is best for their bodies, their future and their children.  

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