Saturday, September 12, 2015

Related imageWe spent yesterday being sad so today let’s laugh but what is correct to laugh about? Will I be offending someone if I make some jokes? Who can the jokes be about? The Fashion Police show disbanded for a while over comments over someone’s hair, Basketball team owners lost a fortune over his comments, Hulk  Hogan lost his career over stuff he said in his home. Everyone is so sensitive. Black people can say the N word buy white people cant. Really? Why? As a result there is a shortage of good comics. Most of them now make only penis and vagina jokes because that can offend just about everyone at the same time.

There is an article in The Atlantic magazine   called Better Watch What You Say by Caitlin Flanigan. She explores the root of the problem that comics used to test their jokes at clubs near college campuses rather than at the drunken cesspools of idiocy that are open to comics now at the Yuck Yuck   Club in suburban boring neighborhoods where a good night out is to get dead drunk and cheat on your spouses and blame it on the booze in the morning.  Current comics like Seinfeld, Chris Rock and  Larry the Cable guy won’t perform at colleges anymore because they are too politically correct. Why?

Related imageWhere are the Beatniks? The political activists? The poets? The thinkers? When a kid goes to college they are ignorant and it is up to the professors to educate them, to make them think.  The system is broken because college is so expensive. The rich kids that pay the high tuition run the colleges. The professors just give in to their demands in order to keep their jobs. The administration looks the other way to rape and bullying just to keep any kid with money in the school. Sports programs are the most important revenue at colleges. College has become a country club of biased fools who can’t even have the confidence to laugh about our flaws, our different races and religions without disrespecting each other. Where the hell did celebrating the races go?

The kid who had progressive ideas had some skin in the game. They were estranged from their parents and not depending on their money for tuition. They were poor and paying a tremendous personal cost for their independent views.  The opposite of the college kid is the 19 year olds roaming the south Bronx with no education pointing a gun at everyone for entertainment and a living. We need free speech again where we could write about anything, joke about everyone and not have to worry about World Leaders or vigilante groups chopping off our head. There is a National Association for Campus Activities where they hire comics to perform at colleges.  They never hire the funniest for fear of offending a particular group.

Related imageWe lost the war! The Cultural Revolution is gone and free speech is nothing but a nuisance now. The University of New Hampshire drew up a “Bias Free Language Guide” that includes the latest socially accepted titles for groups. You can’t say senior citizens anymore say people of advanced age. I say old folks and am wrong. You can’t say poverty stricken anymore, say experiencing poverty; I say poor people. You can’t say rich people anymore, you can say a person of material wealth.  You can’t even say obese, the nice word for fat, say people of size! Tom boy~ gender nonconforming. Foreigner~ international people. Homosexuals~ same gender lovers.

It seems to me to be all a tedious game to mask people’s insecurities. So be brave. Keep away from the colleges and bars and lock the bathroom door, look in the mirror and tell yourself a good polak, ginny waop, Nazi, spic, nigger, faggot cheap Jew, priest pedophile, nun beater, whore, bastard kid joke, then another about the midgets and retards for an encore;  laugh, put yourself together again and then never reveal to anyone what was said in that room sigh.

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