Friday, September 11, 2015

Today is another September 11, fourteen years after the devastating attack on America’s working civilians in the World Trade Towers that were demolished within one hour. Thousands of citizens were killed. People are still dying from the cancer it caused from breathing in the debris ashes. There are 14 year old teens now that know nothing about the attacks but from a history lesson while there are people that will never forget the event like it happened this morning all over again. The problem is not over. People are under attack every day. It is as if no lessons have been learned from the tragedy at all.

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We were attacked again last November on our computers. Again by an impoverished country against a major corporation Sony. Not much could be done about it. The cyber-attack exposed a new reality that you don’t have to be a superpower to inflict damage on the United States. All our military power did not save the Twin Towers then   and the personal information lost now,   is very devastating.  The big significance of the Sony hack is that the North Korean government felt that it could do something to the United States and get away with it and they did just like the suicide bombers killed thousands of our citizens on our soil 14 years ago.

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We have criminals stealing money, Russians stealing intelligence and the Chinese stealing the latest technology. They are all still attacking America.  The Sony incident qualifies as an attack because it was destruction of data with an intent to hurt the company all over a stupid Seth Rogan movie. They succeeded in bringing a U.S. entertainment to their knees. More than 3,000 computers and servers were destroyed by the cyber attackers after they had stolen business secrets, unreleased   movies and unfinished scripts. The personal records of 6,000 employees were exposed. Sony was then cut off from the world limited to land line telephone calls. Is the new normal not feeling safe anywhere anymore? At the computer in your office as well as on the computer?

How can we defend all employees and all their work and information? Well we aren’t. What they did can work to destroy 90% of existing companies. There are easily 5,000 hackers who can destroy companies today. There are still self- destructive terrorists willing to do another Twin Tower disaster today. Cylance is a company organized just for the purpose of stopping cyber wars. Our military is organized just for the purpose of protecting Americans and our interests. Both have been violated in the past 14 years.  Both major attacks on our civilians and our information were not very sophisticated attacks but they worked to completion.  

Related imageBoth attacks prove that it does not take a lot of sophistication to compromise our lives. In 2012 Iran was blamed for an attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Company that destroyed 30 thousand computers. The Internet is unregulated and is the Wild West of hackers and crime with no Sheriff in sight because there is no law. Then why is so much of our lives disclosed on the Internet? All our information and all our finances? There are no easy solutions on line just like there are no easy solutions with ISIS terrorists chopping off the heads of innocent reporters and civilians.  Populations are running out of countries seeking solace in Europe as we breathe right now.

How do you respond to all terrorism from all sides? We have to go after the leadership of terrorism and the revenue of the leadership then maybe we can at least see evil within our sight. As usual Congress has been reluctant to force legislation requiring American companies to invest in more cyber-security. The Sony incident has proved that we are vulnerable to other leaders and other countries. Faith is not enough when it comes to security. The Bush Administration dropped the ball today 14 years ago and their elderly misinformed Congress is dropping the ball now with cyder-security. God Bless America to wake up and protect all we have worked so hard for.                                                          

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