Sunday, September 13, 2015

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Related imageWe are not shocked. We have a country full of American Hero’s from all kinds of wars and situations throughout history. I am talking about the three American men who recently received France’s highest honor. The young men fought, tackled and hogtied a heavily armed gunman on a crowded train even though they themselves were unarmed.  There was another American, a college professor that lea pt into action and received serious wounds from the attack. They should have killed the guy but who likes to play God in any situation. The fact is that they immediately made the train a safe place for all again.

The guys showed the world their valor as well as their humanity meanwhile all they wanted was a peaceful train ride while on vacation. The entire incident is just another grim reminder that war and danger is all around us and can show its ugly head anywhere at any time. What would you do if faced with a terrorist? The guys were childhood friends from Sacramento but it is great that 2 of them has military training. Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Army National Guard Specialist Alek Skarlatos and college student Anthony Sadler. I think all kids right out of high school should spend a mandatory year serving our country in the military to learn how to be brave and skilled as these men were in this situation.

Related imageThey were on a high speed train bound for Paris and heard from another place on the train a gunshot. There are some great photos from the incident because Christina Coons a Brooklyn Social Worker small at only 4 feet 11 inches hid on the floor with the food tray extended over her head. The gunman emerged from the bathroom with an AK 47 in his hands. She at age 29 was on her first trip overseas.  She saw a bloodied man fall to the floor. It was the other American passenger Mark Magalia who confronted the gunman first.  He grabbed the gun trying to protect his wife. The gun jammed but then the gunman pulled out a pistol and it was then Mark got shot in the back with the bullet piercing his lung and neck. By then the three hero’s arrived.

Related imageAlek told Spencer “Let’s GO”   Alek grabbed the gun while Spencer put him in a choke hold. Another British passenger helped him hold him down. They found yet another hand gun and a box cutter. Alex Stone almost lost his thumb from that box cutter flailing around in the scuffle. The gunman managed to stab the passenger Mark in the neck. Christina saw a duffel bag falling on the seat next to her covered in blood. After they beat the gunman and hog tied him Spencer Stone had the courage to place 2 fingers into the neck wound of his friend to stop the bleeding.  Blood was pouring out from the wound.  Both men admit that their military training had a lot to do with their confidence to take action to help stop the gunman.

French authorities have identified the gunman from a DNA saliva swab as being Ayoub El Khazzani born in Morocco and was on the French security watch list having ties to Islamic Extremists. In France the life saving men get awarded the Legion of Honor, France’s highest medal. In America Spencer will be dancing on Dancing With the Stars this season.  Did America run out of Medals to pin on a soldier? Well he is a star here now.   Their courage and valor is an example to all the world.

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