Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Republican Congress has nothing else to do but kick down everything Obama proposes even a plan to cut filthy coal from polluting our environment. With all the nonsense news about Donald Trump’s daily insulting rants about someone somewhere, Obama’s climate control plan for America’s future got lost in any meaningful discussion. His plan is to cut filthy cal power plant emissions by 32% by the year 2030. That seems like a fair and drawn out plan that should not immediately interfere with any jobs or plants. Besides, much cleaner solar energy solutions are popping up everywhere creating jobs for many. So Republican Congress, why shoot this reasonable plan down? Most of you old farts won’t live to see the plan go into full swing anyway!

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You need to read the book called Dire Predictions: Understanding Global Warming by a Professor of Meteorology at Pen State University, Michael   Mann. We see California literally burning up from   all the dryness in the air creating droughts. More than 30 scientific societies have agreed that stricter measures must be taken or there will not be much left to our breathable air. Thank God Americans have stepped up and we see more windmills and solar panels everywhere providing us with clean renewable energy. Our elected Congress has been failing us for years now.

Related imageCuts must be made in our carbon emissions. In the recent Republican Debate that consisted of doctors, rich people, lawyers, people already elected to high offices in this country like Governors and Senators and not one of them mentioned a plan of their own to prevent global warming. It doesn’t exist in their world? Some of the 30 scientific societies who clearly stat that our environment is in trouble are United States Academy of Sciences, The American Physical Society, The American Geo-Physical Union, The American Meteorological Society on and on who all are on record. He National Academy of Sciences were founded by a great Republican President, President Abraham Lincoln who is known for having done so many other great ideas put in place for the future of our country. They all say more needs to be done to save our planet.
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They all say the same thing that climate change is real and is caused by human activity and is already a problem. This summer had over 90 degree weather for much of September in the north east that broke more heat records.  In a recent poll of what folks thought were the most important things to take care of in life, climate control came in 22. 23rd was getting cat hair off of black pants. Are most people just stupid now? Donald Trump is ahead in the polls by double digits and all I heard is that he is disrespectful to women, Mexicans and anyone in his way. The America people want this bully controlling our nuclear arsenal? Hell No!

What do we have to do to make people care? We need to move away from coal to renewable energy. The Republican Congress called Obama’s proposal a “War on Coal” and what is wrong with having a war with an outdated filthy cancer causing hole in the ground inefficient way to heat our homes? We need to follow Germany who is getting 30% of their power from the sun and the wind. We can do it too.


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