Monday, September 14, 2015

Related imageWorld leaders do not take responsibility for their actions and their actions are horrendous. George Bush never took responsibility for his weapons of mass destruction invasion that proved to be false and now two years later the Syrian leader still does not take any responsibility for inflicting on the people of his country lethal gas that killed hundreds of children and citizens. It happened about 2 in the morning August 21, 2013 when they were awakened by the sound of a bomb and then the immediate burning in their throat and lungs. They were experiencing the horror of a SARIN gas attack. No one has been held responsible even now.
Citizens of a country trying to get a night’s sleep found death all around them if they survived by morning. No one new how or why. This was a new kind of war. Generally mankind does not outlaw weapons. Anything that a military can think of,   is in the arsenals of the world.  There are a few exceptions and one of them is for a weapon so horrible that virtually every country has banned not only its use but the mere possession of it. The weapon is called SARIN and it is nerve gas. On that day in August it was unleashed on Syrian civilians and could only be called a crime against humanity. 2 years later no one has been held responsible.

Related imageVictims were the smallest of children and their tiny lungs who gasped for air and was actually ingesting more nerve gas killing them. Nothing could be done to save them.  Their nerve took over their bodies and moved arms and legs uncontrollably while their faces were motionless and dead already.  Their pupils in their eyes contracted to look like tiny dots surrounded by the color of their eyes. It was anyone’s worst nightmare brought to life while life became death.

This is what happens to the people who object to their leader in Syria. He starves the people not allowing food to enter the country and destroys homes with bombs. You would run in any direction too to get away from this horror. The nerve gas bombs were heard hissing through the sky but they did not explode like a normal bomb would. They landed silently but deadly. Within seconds the ability to breath was gone. Their homes were destroyed so women and children slept in basements. SARIN is heavier than air and reached the basements quickly. There was no real hospital to take the children just another basement with little supplies.

Related imageSARIN has no color and no odor. The dead drop never knowing what happened. I guess their world going dark was in a way a blessing for these people. Should people be allowed to exterminate people? Dying this way is ugly and not noble warfare to any leader. The history of nerve gas begins in the 1930’s as a result of a Nazi weapons program. The name is an acromion of the last names of the 4 scientists who created the lethal gas. Their names were Schrader, Ambros. Rudiger and von der Linde.    SARIN

In 1997 SARIN and other chemical weapons were outlawed and the world set up the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. Chemical weapons shut down your respiratory system. With the threat of air strikes, President Obama forced Syria to stop the weapons.  United States intelligence claims that 1,429 civilians were killed that August day. 426 of them children. Syria will have to pay the price for these deaths someday. 

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