Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When is the funeral for Bruce? When was the funeral for Cher’s little girl? They don’t get any apparently in the trans-gender world. People can believe who they really are inside but on the outside they have gentiles that determine a sex and for most   of their lives they have been what is in their pants. Bruce Jenner was a DAD to 10 children. Why is it wrong for me to expect that they should be able to mourn the death of the man they saw for years? Are they really expected to call a plastic filled nose jobbed want-a-be Raquel Welsh look alike Dad still or now mom or now Caitlyn? Who the hell is Caitlyn? Our names are usually given by our parents and not what we decide sounds good now. Fine, hate me because I think I am the only one thinking this way or at least willing to admit my sorrow upon having to get caught up in all the media accolades and sudden exposure of this man’s anguish in his thoughts. I think I will start to believe that he really wants to be a woman when he cuts his wee wee off.

This week we saw TV interviews of the man and a cover shot of an attractive woman on the cover of a magazine. It is Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner who was an Olympic hero turned reality star. All of a sudden he has become the most public face in the trans-gender community.  This week the two Bachelors revealed that they want to date each other on that TV show   and forget about the girls on that show. Who cares about gay guys revealing themselves on a guy/girl dating show when we have trans-gender splat all over our TV. Certain new things trump other new things. Trans-gender apparently trumps gay guys according to Twitter posts. Everyone is watching this person’s life.

For years 65 year old Bruce Jenner was a man but at times referred to himself as her.  The  her is very pretty now or at least her photo taken by famous photographer Annie Lebowitz took exclusively for Vanity Fair is of a beautiful woman. One thing for sure he was a handsome man and now not so bad a woman however I am sure he had a lot of work done to the tune of 10 surgeries. He I mean she Tweeted that “I can’t wait to get to know my true self”. So, for 65 years he was a liar? Lied to his wives and 10 children? How can anyone feel that this thing’s life was a positive in any way? Who would ever live such a lie to all people especially to the ones you claimed you loved?

It is the fame factor that bothers me. 20 Million people   watched his or her interview with Diane Sawyer. Sorry, I don’t know Caitlyn that well and am having a hard time referring to him as her yet. I am still grieving and apparently the only one. On March 15 he went under the knife for “facial feminine surgery” for 10 hours and discussed it of course on camera with some of his girls on the TV show the Kardashion’s as we all watched them discover his nose job while in tears yet they offered only comments of praise and encouragement. He said that if and when he goes under the “sexual reassignment surgery” he won’t tell anyone. Good. I hope his self-mutilation does not get more publicity than our President then too.

For Caitlyn and others in the trans-gender   community the change is about much more than just surgery.  It is about lifestyles and a new way of looking at themselves and others around them. Her Twitter account received more than a million followers in 4 hours, 149 million faster than President Obama, Taylor Swift or Justine Bieber.  There are other famous people who made the transition from male to female like Kimberly Reed a now filmmaker who once was the starting quarterback on her high school football team. Caitlyn Jenner is the most famous in the trans-gender history.  It must be interesting to be able to have an entirely new look, gender and identity in just one lifetime. Most of us do not have the courage to do that to ourselves and to abandon those who loved us as we were.

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