Thursday, June 4, 2015

Is anyone happy with the bodies that we were given? Men want to be women and women want to be men. Short people wish they were taller and tall people always lean down even when they don’t have to. Women want big fake breasts and young girls want their breasts reduced. Should we blame the very advanced cosmetic surgery businesses out there or should we just blame ourselves for not being pleased with what we see in the mirror and just claim to be happy with what we see? We all know that some girls dream of being bustier but there is a population of teens that wish certain parts of their body would just stop growing.

For some girls as young as 12 years old, an ample amount of boobs can lead to pain both emotionally and physically. Years ago these girls would just learn to cope with it but not anymore. Many girls are considering breast reductions in their teen years. Are these kids old enough to make such a serious decision in their lives? Some girls by the age of 18 are endowed with a natural H bra size. Religious folk say that their breasts are a God given gift while the girls often say they are a curse and a problem. Do all girls feel that they must look like those boyish models on the runways of fashion?  I am sure it is a confidence problem and that not much over the counter dresses are made for the busty woman. Whatever the reason sadly breast men breast reduction surgeries have gone up recently in the United States by as much as 157% per cent since 1997.

Why such a surge in breast reduction? Some studies suggest that girls reach puberty earlier pointing to the obesity epidemic or hormones in our modern diet. Some experts say that it has become a safer and more artful surgery field of expert doctors in the field. Are young teens able to understand the risks of such a procedure like scaring, loss of nipple sensitivity even losing the ability to breast feed a baby? They are still willing to take the chance.  For many the surgery gives them self -confidence. Dr. Brian Labow is a Adolescent Brest Surgeon who specializes in teen breast reduction. He says there are physical, psychological, social problems for young girls with over sized breasts. If the parent’s insurance policy covers the surgery the family saves the $10,000 the procedure costs. That is nearly triple what the average breast enlargement implant surgery costs about $3,700.

One thing for sure, the teens all want to look “normal” whatever that is these days. After all the surgery they will still have a C or D size breast. The surgery takes 4 hours and then a 2 week recovery period in pain. They will cut out about a pound of tissue from each breast. A girl’s dress size can go from a 8 to a 2. Gone are the back pains and the cutting into her skin from tight bra straps pulling down. Yes teens are having a new life like Mr. or Ms. Jenner is having. The magic of modern surgery can help you to be just about anything you want to be these days. Throw the mirror out just go pay for some procedure and look like something other than what you were born with.

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