Tuesday, June 2, 2015

As the terrorists are tearing down   the evidence of their past culture, museums, books and schools, America is currently building yet another monument describing our history even though we are just a few hundred years old of documentation. It has been 400 years and still we have riots over race and justice in America. Now there is a museum going up in Washington to tell the African-American story. The Smithsonian is completing a monumental project that Congress approved $500 Million dollars to go to a National Museum of African-American History and culture. The Congressional Act was written in 1929 and was called then a” Tribute to the Negro’s Contribution to the Achievements of America.

Building the museum has been a long struggle and now putting artifacts in the building is a struggle too. Some of the things approved like a train car had to have the building built around it. Beside the Monument to Washington the Museum is breaking ground on the Mall’s last 5 acres. It has been 8 decades for Congress to approve it but never funded the project till now. The building will be 10 floors. Five above ground and five floors below ground. In 2003 President Bush signed into law the funds to create the Museum. Congress immediately put up $250 Million dollars. America’s front lawn just t busier. The hope is that this place will leave visitors more educated about America and will see how this country has improved in race relations throughout the years.

Filling the space has been an undertaking in trying to find enough creditable artefact's. They asked people to rummage through their attics   and basements. 3,000 people brought   history to 16 Smithsonian events across the country. Experts from across different fields inspected things to review authenticity of paper, textiles, leather and metal like it was episodes of the Antique Roadshow.  It is amazing how they convince people to give up priceless family heirlooms but most are honored to have their items preserved in a new museum.  Thousands of items were examined but only 25 made it to the collection.  A lot of the things put on display will be hard to look at since they display the suffering that the slaves endured. Time is the enemy of history so these artifacts must be preserved.

There will be a rail car from a 1922 train that had two sections in it. One for white people and a much smaller section for black people yet they had seats for the same amount of people. 33 thousand moments in time will be displayed in the museum. It will be a tribute to yet even more suffering in America. We have war memorials there from various wars. A Holocaust museum and now a tribute to Black history in America. I just wish there were better stories to retell. The mall in Washington is becoming a very sad place. Perhaps someday we can have buildings erected to give homage to the good that is in America.


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