Saturday, May 30, 2015

It is time to go to an Anniversary Party. Disneyland is now 60 years old and thriving better than ever. Most 60 year old amusement parks are in decline after 60 years of turning those same rides on but somehow the Disney organization makes the place look more vibrant and inviting than ever for all ages to enjoy in their own way. How can anyone keep everyone happy at any party? For over half a century creative minds have been hired by the company and managed to keep the magic through inspiration going. It is nice to see a company give credit to talented artists, musicians and engineers. I wish though they wouldn’t self-promote so much on Channel 7 on TV but they own the station so we have to expect shameless self- promotion.

They like to call themselves the happiest place on earth and why not? We could all use some goofy happiness. It is hard to not be happy when there are daily parades, light shows and fireworks usually for no particular reason so imagine how over the top they will be this year for their anniversary celebrations. If you are lucky enough there is an elegant apartment over a store as you enter the park where Walt Disney used to stay. You have to win your way to a stay. In there,   there are antiques and priceless gifts for the taking like a pure crystal Cinderella shoe adorned with gems. The classic tea pot ride is still there but refurbished and clean. The Dumbo elephant ride stills glides up and down as it did when the place opened in 1955.

Walt Disney was inspired to build the place as an extreme playground for his daughters so they would have something to do when they went to work with him. Nice Dad. There are loyal employees there who have worked for the company for 40 years. Bob Iger is the current CEO of The Walt Disney Company and is proud that the place is still a well -oiled profitable machine.  700 million people  have visited this park throughout the years which includes more than 44 thousand visitors per day. That makes them masters at crowd control. More than 3 years of planning have gone into the 60th celebrations and they can only work on the projects after dark when they have cleared the place of 44 thousand people daily.

One of the newer things is a giant fountain show that makes Vegas look small. This one is filled with colors and 1,200 fountains that go from 40 feet tall to lighting effects and fog effects even fire and bombs go off all from state of the art computer technology mirrored with artistic creativity.  Disney has gone high tech with lighted up skirts for the women and floats with figures that really look real.  Steve Davison is the VP of Parades & Spectaculars. What a title he has. But he has a very serious job to do. There used to be an Electric Parade; now it is all LED lights synchronized to music so the performers have to be in time with the lights. So dig down deep in your pockets and visit the place once again for some smiles.

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