Sunday, May 31, 2015

It is a Sunday morning .A day where many do slow down their week and maybe even go to a church.  It is a good idea to set some time aside from your busy activities to meditate, reflect and just think about anything.  Hope for the future. Be thankful for your past. But there was a show on TV about a bible touting sexually obnoxious couple who would not obviously use any birth control and the poor woman had about 20 kids. What made it popular is the fact that somehow they would  portray to millions of Americans that this all was ok. The kids were clean went to school, well fed and had a huge home.\

 My perception was that the husband was a sex maniac who had to nail her good all the time. He couldn’t at least be sloppy and give the girl a break from pregnancy? The wife was just an idiot who didn’t want to get her period anymore so she kept her legs open for this guy and took it all the time in just one place and managed to be constantly pregnant. The older kids were raising the younger kids who all looked like the same kid only in various stages of height and maturity. He had some great job thanks to Bush and his religious rights campaign all throughout his Presidency. But it was their fake religious practices that bothered me the most. The kids were only allowed to play with other families who sang the same religious songs and read the bible all the time.

Now it is refreshing to find out the truth of this unusual family and see that their show was thrown out of TV and that the sick behavior that was really going on in that house has been revealed to all. This gives me faith that eventually the real truth and values will prevail eventually. It is now a clash between old-fashioned values and a modern made for TV reality scandal. On this show 19 kids and Counting Josh Duggar are portrayed as the symbol of wholesome perfection. Now the show is cancelled as Josh faces accusations that he eventually admitted to doing of the revelation that he sexually molested underage girls when he was a teenager. Did he do this because he was not permitted to have normal teen relations with girls? He advertised that he didn’t even kiss his wife until after they were married.

The family did not have a TV and the kids were always dressed modestly.  There was no cursing and above all, no pre-marital sex but once someone gets married watch out. The Josh kid can’t be more than 21 and is already married and is up to 4 kids already. Yes, this is the oldest kid who molested girls, and wouldn’t kiss his engaged girl.  The family presented themselves as the perfect all American Christian family when all of a sudden one is accused of the most salacious things you could imagine. When child molestation happens, people have to look closer at this family like the investigation of a train wreck.

The crap all surfaced when Intel Magazine found a police report accusing Josh Duggar in a sex abuse probe. Somehow his name did not appear from the report so someone was protecting him. The investigation accused him of forcible fondling against 5 girls in 2002 and 2003. A female minor said Josh touched her breasts and gentiles while she slept.  Charges were never pressed and the statute of limitations has expired. The Arkansas Police Department said that the Judge ordered that the original report be expunged from his record and destroyed.  Then how was this report found and who protected his name from being seen on the reports? They were protecting this kid. Hiding his very bad behavior.

I guess deep down inside Josh realized that he should come clean. He himself revealed on Twitter and Facebook that he did these unthinkable things to young girls. What makes all this contradiction in lives even more incredible is that in his young adult years he has already or had already made a conservative spokesman name for himself in politics  In many public appearances he touted his family conservative image. There are religious groups that meet like at the Texas Homeschooling Conference that bush endorsed. Many of the Duggar children have become celebrities in their own right with huge Instagram followers and appearing on the covers of People Magazine and IS Weekly. Their weddings and daily life followed as closely as the Kardashionan’s UGH! Two years ago Josh accepted a high profile job with The Family Research Council that is a deeply conservative lobbying group that is devoted to promoting a Christian world view. Now he has resigned.

This could be the end of what was becoming a promising career in politics for Josh Duggar and I am glad they are all gone. He had no right to tell women that his master plan for them was to end all abortion rights.  I am not in favor of killing children but I am in favor of every child born to be able to have a good stable life and until religious groups can provide that to the already born, keep a woman’s body alone for her to decide what she wants. He was campaigning for conservative candidates like Rick Santorum. Mike Huckabee currently running for President came to Josh’s  defense saying on Facebook that he was only a kid at the time. Sorry, kids should NOT fondle kids Mr. Morals. NOT!!! 

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