Thursday, May 28, 2015

I like popular singing star Kelly Clarkson not only because we all saw her grow up on TV and followed her career so far. Not only because she packs a lot of voice and style in a tiny body but because she has now evolved into being a happy chubby Mom like the rest of most Americans and she is happy. Her song Stronger turned into being a big hit and she has proven to be stronger than the average critic. Her other hit song called Since You’ve Been Gone shows that she has mastered the big break-up songs for the rest of us. In her career she has already sold more than 20 Million albums.  Now she is 32 years old and has evolved into a very different person musically and personally.

Gone is the harshness and bold tough look. She looks softer now and so is her music. Her latest music is the first music out since she gave birth to her daughter River Rose. Now her song says Up All Night Long. She is real not like those other stars that pop out their kids and look great hours later. She is like most women. She recorded all of her latest album while being pregnant. Kelly admits that she got sick during pregnancy and gained weight. Happy that she has the “perfect baby” she admits like most women that for some reason she would go through all that discomfort again in order to bear a beautiful child again.
Happy Kelly lives with her husband and perfect baby in a lake front home in Nashville, Tennessee.  She chose to live in Nashville because it is a very musical community. Stars usually live in New York or California but she wanted to live in a place that reminds her of home. It is still far grander than anything she ever grew up in. Her childhood was spent in a small town in Burleson, Texas where her family lived on pre-paycheck to pre-paycheck. Kelly is a realist and knows that only rich people say that money doesn’t buy you everything. You will not find too many poor people saying that money won’t buy you happiness. They say, “Try Me!”

Money problems were the least of her growing up problems. Her family was broken up several times.  Her video for her song   called Because of You is inspired by the anguish Kelly was also going through in her real life as a little girl. The little girl in the video depicts her as a little girl.  It is heartbreaking to watch and must have been unbelievably sad to have lived. Very few people are ever happy after a divorce. Kelly admits that she never thought that she would fall in love or marry. After her rocky childhood she never thought marriage and happiness could be possible.

She discovered her singing talent in high school after crowds loved her voice while singing in high school musicals. Then in 2002 she won the first season of American Idol.  Her mentor is Reba McIntyre. In her twenties the critics tore her apart physically and musically but now she says here I am take it or leave it. In 2013 she married Reba’s step son who is a Music Manager Brandon Blackstock It is not a fluke that one of her greatest songs is called Stronger and that her new song is called Invincible. .

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