Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Must biker gangs really live up to their reputation? In the movie called Bad Grandpa the gang members took care of a kid for a while and in real life you would see the bikers donating teddy bears and carrying them in the passenger seat behind them to   Toys for Tots but not anymore. Now they are bad assed criminals again. What is worse is that the gangs all look like out of shape greying middle aged men. Not the look of James Dean or Marlon Brando on a bike. Recently in Texas there was a deadly showdown between 5 outlaw biker gangs over territory. Really? Is this the Wild West all over again?

Bikers are known to have routine meet ups at restaurants and various locations but it is not supposed to turn into a full blown gun battle.  This event eventually had a parking lot littered with dead bodies. Hundreds of bikers from 5 rival gangs including the notorious Bandidos, Seimitars and Cossacks descended on a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Just their names sounds like this nonsense id from a cartoon but no these wacko’s from Waco are very real. This group of people get together to socialize armed with brass knuckles, knives, chains, clubs and guns. Let’s sent these idiots to war zones. They might enjoy themselves.
When it was over there were 9 dead and 18 injured just feet away from families having lunch.  Maybe these guys watch too much TV. It could have been a scene out of the violent crime drama called Sons of Anarchy .Diners and employees locked themselves in the freezer to escape the violence. The bikers gathered for an event at the restaurant called Twin Peaks known for waitresses with great twin peaks for boobs. They advertised the event on Facebook and the police already expected trouble and were there at the site. A fight broke out in the men’s bathroom and continued onto the street. After the dust settled, 170 men were arrested and charged with engaging in organized crime.

The FBI calls biker groups a serious threat to domestic peace. The restaurant was warned not to host this even but they did it anyway. Now the Twin Peaks Corporate offices have decided to shut down the location altogether. The Banditos have a slogan, “Cut one of us you cut us all” so authorities are afraid of continual fighting in retaliation.  Their ruthless behavior is featured on the TV show Gangland. Edward Winterhalder is a former Bandito gang member for 6 years who wrote 10 books on the biker culture.   He says for bikers turf is everything. It sounds like bullies on the playground all over again. Maybe we should sent them to fight over the Gaza strip over land instead of funding people in the middle east over their stupid turf wars too.

Half of the gang members are full time criminals who sell dope or are involved in prostitution or illegal gambling or any other type of crime you can think of.  Yes, the true American Outlaw is alive and well browsing the great highways of America. Groups of bikers attack cars sometimes over disputes on the road as in 2013 in New York. There are groups of bikers that are not affiliated with gangs and who are just a touring safe driving non-violent group. However, I would still keep any eye out for those gangs with the jackets. They seem to be a vindictive group of we’ll get you back guys.


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