Saturday, March 14, 2015

Insanity is alive   and well and thriving in certain circles and their ring leader needs to be taken away in a straitjacket and his wacky ideas be put to rest. Risk taking and adventure seekers have always been around but this wacky idea takes it all to the next level of crazy. People are lining up to audition for a trip to Mars even though they have been told that it will be a one way trip. They will never be able to go back to earth because the technology to have return space ships from Mars has not been developed yet. They don’t even know how to bring people back.

We all say at times ironically to the people we love the most in our lives that we are so disgusted with some scenario that we want to take a one way ticket somewhere. We need a break. We need to get away. But the creators of this idea seems to want to create some new form of mass genocide. The problem is that this idea is being funded and supported. In the remote rocky plains of Utah, there is a place called the Mars Society Desert Research Center where people are   training for “Extra Vacuolar Activities.”  They ride on 4 wheelers through the desert to simulate the land on Mars. They wear astronaut like gear complete with air tubes and bubble helmets.

The company promoting such nonsense is called Mars One   that is interviewing 200,000 people from all over the globe who have decided to leave life on earth behind.  The goal is to get 100 potential astronauts. The first launch date is set for 2024. It is all the idea of a new Hitler. Bas Lansdorp who is 38 years old and the CEO of the company that is based in the Netherlands. His goal is to have the first colony of humans to land and live on Mars. He claims that he can do what NASA so far has not been able to do.  He is an entrepreneur by trade but this time he is dangerously playing with human lives. It is a billion dollar mission funded by TV rights to a reality show.
What a selfish crazy thing to play with people’s emotions and lives just to produce the most outrageous reality show for entertainment. At least Hitler was trying to create in his madness a “superior race” whatever that was supposed to turn out to be but this guy wants people willingly to walk into his ovens of the land of Mars that is not designed to withstand life for any length of time and no technology to allow people to return to our paradise specifically designed for human existence.

 When will people finally decide we need to preserve and propagate near extinct butterflies and beauty that exists on earth instead of wars, pollution filled energy sources and other stupidness here on our beautiful earth?  Perhaps the other planets are out there so barren and in extreme temperatures to remind us of our beauty here on earth. Someone put this guy away like Hitler should have been hauled away too in his early stages of development. He happily looks forward to the day when the world will be watching like the world watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. Someone tell this freak that we also successfully brought the astronauts   back home.
He insists that the technology is existing and no new inventions are needed to implement the program.  Because they do not have the technology for a return, a permanent colony will be formed. All the food would be freeze dried.    Professor Michio Kaku, PhD from the Astrophysicist City College of New York says this has the atmosphere of a circus where you have amateurs simply raising their hand volunteering to be the first people on Mars. Given the fact that this will be untested technology it is tragedy waiting to happen. A recent MIT study also noted that Mars One Astronauts might suffocate within months of touching down on the red planet.

The 100 chosen must be able to travel in quite a small space ship for 7 months with three people and to be able psychologically never see in person their friends and relatives from earth again. Freedom on earth should not ever include the suggestion of possible danger to any group of people.

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