Friday, March 13, 2015

After 4 crash landings I think it is about time someone tells Harrison Ford to calm down and do more walking.  I am not even talking about all his near crash landings in his movies either. What makes movie stars think they are invincible? I think every actor who played Superman died from adventurous death. One of them actually jumped out a window. Did he think he could fly too?

He played characters like Indiana Jones and Hans Solo. He even flew a plane and made Anne Heche stranded on an island in the movie called Six Days and Seven Nights. Well we should thank him for getting rid of her for a week but all the rest of his crashes are just down  right dangerous for all the rich doctors trying to have a peaceful golf game. They don’t want to have to save his old life again. They just want to play golf without him destroying their course.
Yes, our action hero survived a real stunt again. He crashed his plane in the middle of a golf course in Los Angeles. He is in fair condition and the doctors who ran to the wreckage were surprised he survived the crash. Harrison was pulled out of a vintage World War II plane. In Indiana Jones he admitted that he didn’t know how to fly. This plane was so old it had stars painted on its wings and you had to wear a crash helmet because it had just a windshield. His trip began at Santa  Monica  Airport and within less than 2 miles from the airport his engine is down and needs to land.  He does not make it back to the runway.

He is down at the tee of the 8th hole in Penmar Golf Course. He is 72 years old and at that age he is losing engine power too. This isn’t the first time he has crash landed. A helicopter he was in went down in 1999. The very next year he crash landed a plane in Nebraska. Somehow he has survived every crash since he has been flying for the past 20 years. The title of his documentary called Just  Another Pilot says a lot of about how he sees himself. He simply loves to fly. It is a passion he shared with Barbara Walters in a 2008 interview. He said, ”I love the freedom of flight and the places you go.” Well, this time he went 2 miles and crashed the nose of the plane on the golf course. It is time for a man in his seventies to walk the golf course.  

The plane was a 1942 Ryan PT22 an antique like him that belongs in a museum. It was manufactured the same year he was born. Col. Stephen Garnyard USMC (Ret.) a former fighter pilot and deputy Assistant Secy. Of State said “To fly these really old planes is fairly dangerous and to take on a level of risk.” Harrison! Go risk your life in the movies not over our heads please. He is expected to make a full recovery. God help us.   

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