Saturday, January 24, 2015

There was a time when in order to talk to someone you went home and talked on a land line and everyone could talk for as long as they wanted and it was all clear and great sounding no matter which ear you used or what position you were in. Now no one talks or if they do, it is quick inaudible and the battery is dying so good bye or text me. Now I have to spell out every thought or remember the new code for certain words and by then I really don’t want to talk anymore.

There was a time when the reality show was called the Soap Opera because it was on network TV and shown during the day when there was a lot of soap commercials during the tearful and passionate relationships were going at it like in an old opera. Now we have reality shows on cable TV or even more popular on You Tube where your neighbor can film themselves talking and filming it all on a wobbly cell phone camera but telling the audience up to the minute every thought and sigh someone takes. They are selling products and advertising from their You Tube channels and becoming quite famous. In fact I saw one popular   YouTube kid on the View recently. That is real exposure suddenly. I still miss the good clothes, clear picture and good looking actors on the old soap operas. Is it wrong to still like a audible phone in my house and a clear TV show on a big TV?

They are turning their not so secret love stories into profit. People are staring in their own home made reality shows. Take Colleen Ballinger and Josh Evans from Bronson, Missouri. It is his birthday and they have been dating for 5 years. He proposes to her on video and posts it to YouTube. 2,612,235 yes over two and a half million views and counting tune in to see it all. These two make a living from their home made videos of their lives. They call them Vioggers and her show is Miranda sings.

She makes money by going on tours and on You Tube there is ad revenue and you will not see anything sexual on YouTube not that these two would want to do that anyway. Their channels are hugely successful.

Colleen and Josh have half a billion views between them. She has two personalities on YouTube sometimes as her alter ego of Miranda sings who is crazy and spontaneous and the other personality is ordinary Colleen. Josh is a rising star who likes to sing and in every one of his videos he says to be nice to people and his 13 to 21 aged audience would be apt to buy a T-Shirt saying so.  The young viewers get a front row seat into their lives and they both make a pretty good living just living.

So, text your few words and go watch some wobbly home made film on your phone. I still like it the now unpopular way of a good show on my TV and a clear conversation on my large good phone.

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