Sunday, January 25, 2015

Male chauvinistic pigs! Wow! I haven’t heard that in years but apparently the bums are out there and are out there in full force backed up by their video games and what they are able to do to women while playing the game. Not to mention that they can abuse women in these games over and over again as often as they like with no opposition. Sigh! It is sad.

It is quite apparent in the popular game called Grand Theft Auto. There are violent depictions of women being beaten and raped and run over by cars and you just gave a 12 year boy this game for Christmas. He is already by now an experienced abuser of women. It is a billion dollar virtual industry. Why can’t we go back to the old cartoons where the couches sang and the brooms danced? It was a safer entertainment world when I grew up.  Female media critic’s   lives are in danger for criticizing the games.

What started as an on line debate about the ethics of games quickly escalated into real threats against female critics of specific games. Anita Sarkeesian is the creator and host of “Feminist Frequency” who openly criticized the games. It is dangerous to our society in general because we are now spending more money on games than movies and music combined.  It is a $21 Billion dollar industry. In the game Grand Theft Auto V as a player you can solicit a prostitute, kill her and then you also have the option to run her over in your car. Is that what cartoons are for? When brooms danced it brought us all into a fantasy land that we could never experience in real life. Should our kids be training for rape, violent acts and murder?

In the game called Watchdogs, women are murdered to give the hero a reason to chase the bad guy. It all reinforces the idea of women as sexual objects and just playthings.  Brianna Wu, the Head of Development at Giant SpaceKat also received personal threats for speaking out about the crude treatment of women in gaming. She is an independent game developer who was stalked by strangers for simply tweeting her opinion.  The FBI is now taking these threats seriously and monitoring the whereabouts of women and their homes.  Terrorism is everywhere nowadays and now on real women in this industry.
It is obvious that gaming is a male dominated space and these guys are charged up and they do not want their last independent place on earth violated. Maybe the wife just told them to take the trash out or fix something around the house that they didn’t want to do but they were an obedient mate and made her happy. They are not happy till they take it out on a woman in the game and run her over back and forth for a while in the game till they are happy. Hey! I’m just saying!  Girl players are abused even during the game vocally by other males in the room even when she says back off I’m just here to play the game just like you.

Developers are finding the need for more female programmers and for more girl friendly games. They put more clothes on Tomb Raider, Laura Croft,   so a dad can play a game with his daughter and not feel like he was fighting a sexual object.  Assassins Creed and Call To  Duty get the same criticism. Can we say lighten up, it’s just a game? Or is it reinforcing violence in front of the TV and away from the TV?   The Amish people don’t watch TV and they don’t go around killing people . Hmnnnnn.

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