Saturday, January 17, 2015

Did you forget that last week was Elvis Presley’s birthday? It was a big one. He would have been 80 years old on January 8 if he survived his addictions. Would he still be somewhat handsome? Like Marilyn, when our icons die young and beautiful, we never have to be exposed to the aging process with our fantasy women and men. We might as well notice how old he would have been since even in death for many years, he still makes a ton of money.

He was the original rock star. For his Birthday, there was a party with a giant  8 layer cake at his home where his memory was joined by his still living,  ex- wife  Priscilla, , and his Daughter Lisa and his 4 grandchildren.  It almost sounds like an ordinary family but I am sure you remember a lot of the drama associated with each of these people. If he would have lived he would be about the same age as Pope Francis or John McCain. After all those years of gyrations he probably would have had a hip replacement by now. Whatever God you believe in is amazing. Why can’t we see one moment into our future but he or she or it allows us to remember so much of the past?
Elvis died young. 8 years younger than Michael Jackson. Would they have liked each other if they met?  Elvis was 2 years older than John Lennon when he died. Those Beatles took a lot of thunder away from Elvis. I’m not sure that he liked them so much. He is still at lease as iconic as both of them. His home at Graceland is only second to the White House in the amount of visitors each year. I think Michael would have liked that to be happening to his animal and amusement park of a home. No one could have predicted how Michael’s museum of a life would have crumbled. Elvis is American royalty I guess.

This past year Barbara Streisand recorded the song Love Me Tender as a duet with Elvis. There are thousands of impersonators of Elvis.  He still has that enduring appeal from toddlers to Queens. Happy Birthday Elvis we still love your cool attitude and timeless moves. How many people do you know that are still cool after 80 years. It is still sad that many have not learned from the sorrow that drug addiction brings to all. We lost way too many talented artists to the death sentence that addicted drugs are to your body. Try to find another way to heal and keep off the stuff that is still too plentiful and easy to get. Will you reach your 80th Birthday? We won’t know. Our creator doesn’t let us see the future.

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