Sunday, January 18, 2015

American women are fat. The numbers are in and the fashion industry is finally caving to put more fabric on their designs. And I will not cave in by using politically correct words like portly or well  rounded or full figured. The women are fat and they know it. The difference is now that they are not ashamed to be eating what they want and are willing to carry the poundage with them wherever they go. All they want is a way to   be fashionable too. Gay guys must feel stifled when it comes to fashion. Men are stuck into the shirt, pants and suit but women can look like anything and wear anything now.

When it comes to fashion there seems to be two Americas. One that is the one per centers that are a size zero and get to wear the best designed clothing and then you have everyone else that are all different sizes. Finally the fat ok full figured woman is fighting back and is working to have more clothes made specifically for them. Skinny girls, step aside we don’t have your size. Wow!

Even on the dating show The Bachelor this season had a fat chick, I mean a plus size model as a contestant for the guy’s love. Yes, she is a beautiful girl but all those other skinny bitches, I mean slimmer women were in shock to see her. Contestants on that show are always thin and Bo Stanley didn’t make it to the second round but the fact that she was there at all is a significant change in what is beauty now. The average American woman wears a size 14.  That is 67% percent of the population. It is a majority that is not silent anymore. There is a new generation out there of curvy outspoken curvy women that want to wear cut off jeans just like the skinny girls do.

The singer of that popular song All About That Bass, Meghan Trainor  is  fat , ok chubby not ok? Full figured but she don’t care. She can shake it up like all the skinny girls do. Amber Riley shakes it all up on Glee. Fat ok, obese actress Melissa McCarthy covered it all up under a big coat on the cover of Elle Magazine and she remembered when she said to her blonde and skinny cousin actress Jennifer McCarthy that she wanted to be an actress too,  Jenny just laughed at her. Now Melissa makes more money than Jenny. Lena Dunham OF THE SHOW Girls fame was on the cover of Vogue Magazine but they only put her face and shoulders on the cover. The fact that these women made it to the cover of any fashion magazine is remarkable.

A plus sized model even created #plussizsplease which took hold across social media. Eloquii is a plus sized fashion line company that recently partnered with Nordstrom. The problem for designers is that fat, ok plus size comes in different shape of curves that a zero sized skeleton person doesn’t have to worry about. Manufacturing well -tailored clothes in larger sizes adds on production costs. Courtney Smith the founder of Rum & Coke a plus sized clothes company  on line, says shopping for clothes is a crushing experience for women because their size just is not in the stores.

Pulling in $17billion dollars annually already is new plus size only stores like Fashion to Figure specializing in size 12 to 24 with new stores in every mall. The dresses are typically priced under $30 dollars and compete with the styles found in H&M and Forever 21.  The founder is the grandson of the woman who founded Lane Bryant also a pioneer in fashion for larger women. So, embrace the junk in the trunk of your favorite woman because she is here to stay and looking better everyday.

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