Tuesday, December 30, 2014

They buried 2 police officers that were killed while sitting in their patrol car. Both were shot in the head.  I know the job, I was a cop. I know Bill Bratton, I work for him. I have never seen so much disrespect for everyone everywhere before in my life. Now the crazy convicted criminals on the street get to play judge and jury with the guns in their pockets too. The assassin wrote specifically that it was pay-back for the lives of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Is this the new justice in America now? Meanwhile Eric and Mike would have never died if they were not doing something illegal to strike up the curiosity of a cop. Is the new rule that criminals make up their own rules and enforce them? That is not the America I know.

It was violence that made all this happen. The President of the NYC Police Union Patrick Lynch has every right to be angry with the new mayor for setting the tone that police are unfair to citizens when in fact they have the most contact of any worker in a city with its citizens mostly to help them get around in the city safely.  More than 25 thousand police officers from all over the country came to New York to pay respects to two men that also wear pretty much the same uniform. Officers go to school to learn the job. They pass gun safety exams. They must go through extensive psychological testing before they are even hired for the job. They are professionals at what they do. I guess convicted criminals are also professionals at what they do but what they do is unfair and unlawful every single time.

The cop killer was 28 years old and who had a history of mental illness and at least 19 prior arrests.  We need to house people like this guy in mental institutions again because clearly they are wandering around our cities without medication and without any monitors.  Every new Mayor comes into our city and decides to do things their way that is usually untested and just plain wrong. Our new Mayor even wants to take away the cities “one horsed open sleigh” that is part of the Jingle Bells song and for a century has been a charming tourist attraction to our beautiful glittering city. This criminal started his rampage by shooting his girlfriend in the stomach in Baltimore before he went on to randomly kill cops in New York. The Baltimore police were on the killer’s trail and saw him in the bus station and notified the New York police. The mug shot of the killer was faxed after only two minutes before he killed the officers. We need mug shots to be sent to every patrol car instantly although these cops never had a chance to respond.

He fired four shots on the passengers side of the patrol car. He runs into a subway and shoots himself in the head.  Ray Kelly the former New York City Police Commissioner rightly points out that the killer wanted a race retaliation thing, meanwhile the officers he killed were not white. Jader Ramon the son of one of the dead officers wrote on Facebook that it is a shame his father is dead just for being a police officer. No officer ever gets rough with any citizen for just being a citizen. Officer Liu was the other officer killed who was on the force for seven years. Our Commissioner William Bratton has seen it all and is dumbfounded at the lack of unity in the nation as a whole. Eric Garner’s daughter, Emerald  visited the memorial to the cops and said her family does not endorse any type of future violence.

Police Officers are easy targets because they wear blue and are everywhere.  The fact is that officer deaths have surged 23% per cent in recent years. There were 100 deaths in 2013 and 123 deaths in 2014 according to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial. Those killed by firearms up by 58%.  31 officers were shot dead in 2013 and 49 in 2014. These recent killings is signifigant because it is raw and for no reason at all. God bless anyone brave enough to try to have a safe and civilized society for us all in America today.

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