Monday, December 29, 2014

He looks like Boy George without the makeup. His name is Sam Smith also with a British accent and has us all singing, “won’t you stay with me?” I write about him because it is nice to see a new face on the popular music scene. Adele seems to have faded away into ordinary happy home life with her husband and child. Nothing sorrowful for her to sing about anymore. He sings in a high falsetto even though he is a large man at six foot 3 inches tall. He has already risen to be one of the biggest stars worldwide.  Early this year the 22 year old had 2 songs that topped the British charts. Money on My Mind and Stay With Me.

Once he invaded America and was featured on Saturday Night Live, he became an instant hit here in America. We all wish we could have that good a track record in any industry. His album called In The Lonely Hour is the best  selling debut album of the year in the United States. He came out from nowhere and also came out about him being gay too. He grew up in a small town near London but has been mapping out a career since age twelve. The plan was to always to move to London and become a famous singer. He achieved his plans already. Some people dream and wait a lifetime and then it doesn’t happen.  His Mother was a banker and his Dad was a stay at home Dad.   They and his neighbors noticed his talent since he would sing out his bedroom window on a regular basis.

In grade school he sang in the school musical.  His album reached number one again in England when he decided to visit his old school and music teacher. There he was greeted with all the children singing to him his song. He has become an inspiration to the children. Sam’s breakthrough came in 2012 when the electronic group called Disclosure asked him to sing lead on their hit called Latch. Then he started writing his own songs. The chorus on his song Stay With Me sounds like a Gospel Choir but is is actually him recorded in about 40 takes. Sam admits that his album is a result for love of a married man. It is all about being lonely and loving someone but not being loved back. Could he be the male Adele?

He regrets now revealing all his thoughts and feelings in his album called In The Lonely Hour but that and his unique voice draws so many people to his songs. It is his vulnerability that has made Sam Smith a star. When he hears audiences sing back his lyrics he feels a sense of satisfaction in that people are saying that it is ok and that they understand his struggles. It is like your diary has been left open for all to see. Soon it will be a new year. A time to look at our diaries and see where we wish to be next.

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