Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last night the Dictator called my President a monkey in a jungle. When is this nonsense going to stop? Are things going to excelate into World War III? I say Seth Rogan Kill the Movie! Where are the nuns in society to tell the bullies on the playground that they are nothing? Tear up the stupid movie and tell all the leaders to go back to the task of doing something good for the people they represent. It is like a bad Three Stooges scene now with disturbing Internet access to millions of people.  It does make me admire President Obama even more lately. This poor guy gets all kinds of crap from society thrown at him from every angle every day yet he is cool, calm and collected with every response.

The parody movie aimed at the North Korean leader has done more harm than poked fun to make anyone smile. No one wants their Internet access messed with especially after the holidays when you are playing all those video games you just wasted more money on. A group called of all things Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony’s confidential files. Everything is gone all wrong. It is time to Kill the Movie Seth Rogan and not any current leader of anyone in the world. A cyber breach has excellated into a real issue of international security. Data like people’s social security numbers and salaries have been released in batches. An early version of the script to the newest 007 Movie called Spectre has been stolen just as filming is to begin.  Movies like Annie not yet in theaters have been released. I guess Dictators do have powers Seth Rogan.

Nothing like this has ever happened before. Sony is in a no win situation with this movie at this stage. Hollywood has been put onto pressure in the past and has caved to public opinion. In the 2012 remake of the cult classic Red Dawn, Chinese villains were digitally replaced with North Korean s after angry editorials appeared in Chinese newspapers. Following world  wide riots and cartoons of the Profit Mohammad in a Danish newspaper then South Park  saw an opportunity for satire so  then Comedy Central caved in and censored the image of the Profit by putting a box over the character. Is it caving in or is it showing some respect for leaders some people respect in the world?

In one of the most controversial films in recent years, The Passion of the Christ, 20th Century Fox passed on distribution rights based on criticism that the film was anti-Semitic. With Seth Rogan’s movie, people are afraid to see the movie. Sony’s stock is down more than 10% and now the lawsuits are in. One Class Action law suit has been filed by former employees’ stating that Sony has failed to protect confidential information.  The fact is that hackers are not going anywhere and we expect more targets all over the world, the stakes are higher and there is more to gain by hacking. This has been the most massive corporate attack ever.

People need to re learn how to show each other respect. That is a word rarely used and rarely witnessed lately. Respect for all world leaders. The American President should not be compared to a monkey in a jungle by Koreans World leader. Thank God Obama is a kind tolerant man who is known for not getting things done or he would have shown some temper and sent his Seals to take the Kim guy out by now. Violence and I’ll get you back tactics is not the answer to any problem. Go back to your seat and concentrate on the good work we all need to be doing. The good kind messages we need to be sending and leave world and spiritual leaders alone so they can concentrate on the jobs they need to do. Kill the Movie not the Leaders please.

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