Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Living in the north east for all of my life , I must admit that I am not really into country music. I am more of a heavy metal or folk song type. There is one country music guy who is getting really rich and famous for being different. He doesn’t just blend in with the band. He is up front and gyrating for the women and singing solo songs to a lot of people’s delight. Luke Brian with hits like ‘That’s My Kind of Night” he is filling arenas everywhere. He even called a tour after his hit song. Meanwhile he has eleven number one hits. His latest album called Crash My Party has thrust him to even more money making potential. He has joined the group of Country Music Stars able to sell out   stadiums.

He will also take cow fields and turn the place into one night concert venues. That spells instant cash from ticket sales. Hoping your song makes it on the radio just doesn’t give an artist cash anymore. Hat part of the music business is in shambles but ticket sales anywhere is cash in the artist’s pocket. Luke grew up in a small town so he wants to bring his concerts to the small towns too. He never saw a stadium concert while growing up for anyone. He often unwinds on tour bow hunting. He is a humble guy still amazed to see his image on top of cabs in New York City.

He is a family man with a beautiful wife and two little boys and finds it tough to leave home and go on tour but that is the only way to really create excitement around your music.  His wife Caroline will find it tough once the boys are school age and she will really have to be grounded with the kids. Meanwhile he is the fraternity rush guy singing about chasing girls and partying hard. His first hit in 2007 called All My Friends Say became a frat house anthem. Something called Bro Country is going on there.  The songs are as shallow as a beer glass and objectify women. He don’t care. He says judge him on his career not on just one song.

All he knows is that fame is fun. My question is how true will he stay to his country roots? He does have personal tragedy to sing about. Luke was the youngest of three siblings. He lost his big brother in a car crash and his big sister also died unexpectedly at her home. So he sings his song called Drink A Beer in tribute to them and knows that if they could they would be there with him at his concerts. His success has taught him that true joy is possible after tragedy. Just like that, a farmer turns to superstar with 20,000 fans screaming his name. 

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