Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It is Election Day and for the first time in years, I have decided Not to vote for any candidate. All the expensive flyers that were sent to my home for the past mont1h helped me make the decision that all the candidates up for election are crooks, lie and are unethical. You would think it was campaigns for the worst criminals. President Obama seems to be the most gentle, soft spoken kind, knowledgeable gentleman ever yet he has only a 44% approval rating from the American people. All of his cabinet has abandoned him throughout the past 6 years and Congress hates him. They don’t even bother to have Congressional committees on any issue he tries to promote and then ultimately fails at due to lack of support. I do not need to vote for anyone who has such bad press so early in a votable career.

The Muslims and most of the middle east hate Americans and most of us don’t even know why. We sacrifice our children and encourage them to fight for their country and the beliefs of a democratic society to after 14 years at war, the very people we defended hate us and our kids come home with no arms to even wipe their own asses with. Enough of war!!! In June the world said good bye to Afghanistan President Hamid Karszai who oversaw the roughly $100 Billion Dollars in aid that we have poured into that country for over a decade. He used his farewell speech to thank everyone, 8 other countries by name, except the Americans.

He called the Americans a betrayal and that we did not want peace. I blame it on our use of our newest most effective weapon. Drones. The Americans have been launching drone attacks quite often that no one even reports on.  During the Obama Administration we launched 8 times the amount of Drone strikes than Bush has used. Fine . We are tired of burying our children. Fight them with soldier less weapons. They do not cost much money and are very deadly. There are no real rules for when to use a Drone strike. When they do kill people, it is assumed that they killed the enemy. They never know exactly how many people they killed either.

The very first Drone strikes were used to find and kill Bin Laden.  They were set to kill anyone who was very tall. Our government said they did not know how many innocent tall people were killed there. We consistently let our government get away with vague answers lately. It is not a problem for us because we are not under attack by drones but for the innocent people who live there, Drones are a nightmare. I never thought I would hear a child dread the sight of clear blue skies above. But the people there dread good weather.

The Americans have made the universal good feeling of blue skies above terrifying because Drones only attack in good weather. Overcast skies are not good for attacks. They seam to strike quickly from behind and are so fast they seem to appear from nowhere. Our government feels they can attack anyone from anywhere for any reason.  They hate Americans because we represent the Drone deadly strikes. I saw a photo where a child wanted to sleep with his parents. So he placed a blanket on the ground between their graves and slept. I do not want to be known for that type of American who carelessly kills people just because we can.

So go vote for some ass hole who doesn’t have any ethics , who has hid behind al lkinds of unethical behavior but still wants to be voted for a important decision making position for the American people. I want to take a step back this year.

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