Friday, November 7, 2014

It is nice to hear songs that are not to complicated and not too fast that you can actually sing to and to hear guitar chords that are not to hard to play and that is exactly what the music of Jason Mraz is. I love his hit song  called I’m Yours.  I played his breezy carefree songs all summer. Even if his songs go to a sad place, he manages to turn it around to be pleasant before the song is over. I guess a lot of people agree with me because his albums have sold 7 million copies.

His music life began by playing his songs in coffee houses in Southern California. That exposure led to his first record deal in 2000.   In 2008 he made a bundle of money with his I’m Yours song from his third album.  That song spent 78 weeks on the top 100 song chart. He has been on the world stage for 10 years now yet  most people would not  recognize him on the street as some big star possibly because he doesn’t flaunt his fame and fortune surrounding himself with fancy cars or women. His skills have earned him two Grammy Awards.

Instagram media by mraz_s2 - #jasonandjane  Cred : @ericmorgensen #ericmorgensenphotography  @jason_mraz @raining_jane #jasonmraz #mraz #rainingjane #blackandwhite #photo #photooftheday #guitar #amazing #concert #shot #wow #YES #YEStourOne of the Grammy Awards were earned for his duet with Colbie Callait called Lucky. He lives in San Diego and has all his awards including his Grammies on display in his bathroom. He says that everyone has to use the bathroom so he is sure that everyone will see his stuff. He forces his people to be surrounded by his accolades. He also prefers to be surrounded by nature and loves to go surfing near his home. Surfing is a big influence on his music. The fact that surfing serves no point, he feels that it brings to his music that care free, everything is going to be ok feel to his music.

He was born and raised in Virginia. He says he had a good childhood despite the fact that his parents divorced when he was 4 years old. It impacted him in a way that he vows to be married and to only be married once. The 37 year old says he finally found that person and wants to keep their relationship private. On his new album he sings about love. The title of the album is called Yes. He teemed up with a all girl folk group and is touring with them. It is unusual  for a band to have one boy and the rest all girls. Yet he feels it is one of the greatest decisions he made in his life.

Being surrounded by women all the time makes him a better person. There is no sex after shows with groupies. No drugs or booze. Everyone is clean and goes to bed early and they are all the better for their new lifestyle. He is a vegetarian and a farmer. Too busy performing to do the crop work, he now calls himself a gentleman farmer. Jason owns 300 avocado plants and provides much of the guacamole to the Chipotle Chain of Mexican Restaurants. He sells his avocados to the San Diego restaurants. So enjoy a Tequila shot, some lemon and salt and a avocado and of course his music and have a good night of it all.

He is a humble man despite his 10 years in the music business and all his success.  He feels, why me? And I say, why not you Jason Mraz. You are one of the good guys.

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