Saturday, November 15, 2014

Let’s call this  movie Waste of Eyesight & Waste of Time  instead of Dumb & Dumber 2  since I am now also 20 years older since the first movie came out from the depths of an overgrown 12 year old boy’s mind then and now again. I was closer to 12 years old 20 years ago and maybe that is why I found this  crap a bit more entertaining of 2  hours of my time then but not anymore. These 2 guys in this movie are just out of touch, nasty and stupid. Ok so a 12 year old who still hasn’t found what to really use his junk for yet might still enjoy this movie.

The original movie’s sweetness is not evident here.  We saw the intelligence challenged guys of Lloyd played by Jim Carrey and Harry played by Jeff Daniels  20 years ago. Within the past 20 years neither one of them have become richer, wiser or funnier for this lame sequel so why make it just to see two 50 year old guys act stupid and mean? Their stupidity is less appealing with age.   What has happened is that Lloyd has spent the last 20 years in a psychiatric hospital for doing some kind of practical joke.

The lame story is about Harry believing that he has a daughter by a character called Fraida Felcher played by Kathleen Turner who also 20 years ago was a very attractive woman who played in all those romantic movies with Michael Douglas .  Now all I see is her giant nose and really raspy voice that I don’t remember when she used to do more movies. So, Harry has just found out that he needs a kidney transplant and hopes the 22 year old daughter he never knew he had might want to donate one of hers. Should we be laughing or crying?

As in the original, a big part of this brainless buddy movie features the guys on a road trip in vehicles from a hearse to a van resembling a stuffed dog.  Also, as in the original, there is a criminal subplot neither guy clues in to. The Farrelly brothers Peter and Bobby, directed the original movie and directed this revival so I expected it to be good. They also directed smarter comedies like the 1998 movie called there’s Something About Mary that was funny. I guess about 20 years has the directors being dull too.

Daniels and Carrey do try hard as well as most of the other aging cast tries to deliver laughs but for some reason you just feel that their situations are just pathetic and sad. They need to learn from the many sad clowns we met in our entertainment past who made us feel for them, laugh with them and love them in the end. I just need to get away and wash these two off.

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