Monday, November 17, 2014

They chopped the head off of another man who was there to help. Who are these barbarians from another generation? What gives men the right to simply behave as badly as they possibly could? How America has failed this time in this war is miserable. It is like a bad script from an old movie set in the desert except this is not a bad dream. It is a reality of strife still in the Middle East. The fact remains that there are black flags standing tall representing ISIS. They are men who have successfully taken over parts of two countries. They are successfully accomplishing the worst atrocities in the history of terror.  

The only moderate friend to the United States in the region is Jordan that is surrounded by war with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to it’s west, Syria to it’s north and Iraq to it’s east. The head of ISIS claims to lead all Muslims. He has in a very short time taken over control of money and most weapons in Syria and Iraq.   These are weapons paid for by American taxpayers now in the hands of thugs parading through towns once controlled by American troops. There are about 40,000 ISIS Soldiers now. They are making 6 Million dollars per day through donations, takeovers and general bullying.

United States air strikes have stopped some advances but the Black flags are still popping up everywhere. Now more than 5 Million people are being ruled by something new. They have Biblical times mentality but 20th Century reach. They have the ability to strike fear in people far beyond the reach of it’s guns. The beheading of American and British men was an attempt to give them global notice and it is working. Massacres on YouTube show the slaughter of thousands. Their 20th Century media abilities uploads recruiting videos in many languages. They call themselves The Islamic State.
One man called himself their leader seen only once in a video back in July. His name is al-Baghdadi and was in prison for a time by United States forces. In 2010 there was a 10 Million dollar bounty put on his head. He is gaining power hiding in Syria somewhere. He preaches a return to the Islamic faith of a sect called Salafism that was used 1400 years ago, calling for the origins of the Islamic faith.  His interpretation is violent and sexist. He will kill fellow Muslims and destroy their Mosques. If you are a non-Muslim you will be treated the harshest

Men will be ushered into mass graves and shot till death. Women are stripped of their identification, and jewelry. The women and young girls are taken to places where the scarves are taken off their heads and the front of there dresses are torn open. Men would line up to touch them and sexually abuse them. Women are given away as prizes. Heads in the military are able to take three girls at a time. They are raped and sold to men for about $800. It is difficult for any man or woman to escape these barbarians. Is this the 20th Century and really happening? Not just a terrible movie?

How did one third of Iraq go to the black flag in a matter of weeks? It was supposed to be known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Americans sacrificed 4,475 lives, ten years of war and a Trillion dollars to this region. We built a Army and a government for Iraq that they dropped our given weapons to the ground and ran away. How did all our efforts crumble so fast and crumble to the word of the 1400’s religion. Isis is now being welcomed to the region because they are fearless and they are Muslim but now they are even killing their own men and raping their own women. Both are always casualties of war.

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