Friday, November 14, 2014

I hate the filthy rich probably because I did not drop out of a filthy rich vagina. I never even had the opportunity to become filthy rich like that snot nose Justin Bieber. All the parents wrote checks to see his concerts because he had balls. He was cute and we loved seeing him grow up, till he grew up an now is all tattooed up wasting money on fast cars and stupid parties. He offers nothing to give back to the society that made him a household name. Besides, we needed one cool good looking singing sensation white guy in the media anyway.

Then there is still royalty whose sole purpose in life is to create more royal children because there is a separate tax that commoners must pay so the Royal Family can maintain their filthy rich status and lifestyle for having the dubious task of showing up to places and waving halfheartedly to no one in particular because that is what they do. Yes a royal vagina would be a very lucky one to be born from but the odds of that happening to most people is slim. There are just so many ways to become filthy rich in one lifetime.

The American royalty or rich came from building up successful corporations that many carried the family name on their products. I remember du Pont Glue that was around before the takeover of Krazy Glue. Most of my mother’s broken china was repaired without her knowledge from the miracle of the clear stuff in the green metal tube known as du Pont glue. And for that product I am deeply grateful because it helped save my reputation as a good child in my childhood till she took a good look at that awful chia set. Yes American royalty like the du Pont family was this country’s filthy rich from the production of some good helpful products but even they behave badly and society seems to let them get away with stupid stuff too.

There is a movie in theaters right now called Foxcatcher starring Steve Carell as the crazy John du Pont wearing a fake nose so we don’t expect him to do something funny. The film also stars Channing Tatum as the buff professional wrestler that the crazy rich guy du Pont kills and spends his last days and dying in prison in 2010 at age 72. Stop. I did not ruin the ending of the movie for you. This is American history and you should know the true twisted story anyway. It is further proof that the rich is filthy and can pretty much do whatever they want in life because money buys you everything even if you are crazy.

This true sad story is in theaters as our nation votes for more and more states to legalize the possession of pot and other drugs. Foxcatcher brings back bad memories and maybe young guys rich and poor should hear this sick story once again because it is a true story sad for rich people and athletes and just about everyone. Steve Carell has the difficult job  of playing the drug-addicted delusion of John du Pont. He has to have the lost eyes and hallucination-induced fog that envelops from drug use. This story is about the manic multi-millionaire and heir to the American chemical empire liked wrestling and offered a much needed financial boost to the sport as well as swimming and pentathlon through a thing he called Team Foxcatcher.  It was a richly funded enterprise funded by du Pont anchored at a sprawling training  facility just outside of Philadelphia. Kevin Jackson is a real person who won a Gold Medal in  1992 sponsored by Foxcatcher from 1990 to 1995 and who is now Iowa State’s wrestling coach. Kevin knew du Pont and said,” He thought people were crawling through the walls and spying on him. At one point he was so paranoid, John began carrying around a pistol with him. “ Rich people can do whatever they want.

Athlete Dave Schultz was shot and killed by John DuPont in January, 1996. The United States Wrestling Federation roughly ignored du Pont’s addictions because despite lacking his mental stability his money provided a stability of another kind. More money for more people in the wrestling community than ever before. Should opportunity turn into anxiety and fear?  Wealth and drugs is always a bad combination.

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