Saturday, September 20, 2014

Do you have power over your own mind? Can you make a decision about anything and stick with it? Even if someone else persuaded you into believing that it was a good idea, can you stick to your decision? If you are that strong you could possibly control your diet and feel so much better about yourself without the aid of special foods. What if you could even lose 100 pounds without doing anything drastic?  A   new study says you can lose weight by eating fewer carbs and more fat. For some people they are able to control their weight by what they put into their mind rather than worrying about what they are eating.

There are people being hypnotized into believing that they are having gastric bypass surgery without ever having to go under the knife. It is called, Gastric Bypass Hypnosis. Some people say it has helped them lose as much as 130 pounds. It is finding the power of the mind to shrink the body. Before the hypnosis many would have ordered bacon cheese burgers but now only buy a bottle of water at fast food chains. After the hypnosis you don’t crave or even want burgers and fries, you crave salads. You can find yourself choosing healthy foods sometimes for the first time in your life.
They credit hypnosis for turning them into gym loving salad rats. It is that kind of dramatic result that millions of people wish they can attain through many diets and other treatments. Every year more than 220,000 people undergo painful and expensive surgical procedures paying up to $38,000 dollars to have portions of their stomachs removed, repositioned or constricted. Hypnosis costs just over $1,000. So, why isn’t   a    surgery free procedure promoted more? We have at least 70 million people in this country classified as obese.

Could it really be as simple as thinking you are thin? Doctor Rena Greenberg is a weight loss hypnosis therapist who says that hypnosis allows you to go deeper into your innermost thoughts. So they are instructed to think about what they should be eating. It is a trauma free risk free alternative into training your body to eat right and think right. Most people that try hypnosis have already tried every other kind of diet and has failed. The most successful have realized that until they change their mind about food choices, no diet will work.

What bothers me is that there is no scientific study that proves that hypnosis works. Why not??? We have studies on every possible topic in this country; many funded by tax payer’s dollars through the National Institute of Health. If there are no studies, they can call it an experimental treatment and health insurance doesn’t have to pay for it. Is that the real reason it is a relatively unknown treatment? Yet, psychologists are licensed medical professionals and use hypnosis all the time in their procedures.

Bottom line you have to believe that it will work. You still have to be   self- motivated. Some listen to their hypnosis tapes daily where they are instructed to push the plate of food away. Jenny Craig uses a flip side of the same type of thinking called mind full thinking. They make you hypo aware of what you are eating instead of tripping your subconscious into not eating much. There is a study from Indiana State University that says “mindfulness training” reduces binge eating. The real key for any diet or treatment is to usher in “long term changes in lifestyle.”  The   real way   to   change is to say to yourself that this is how I live my life now and this is how I have to live to get healthy. Weather you use your subconscious or conscious mind there is no magic spell but find some way that works for you.

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