Sunday, September 21, 2014

The most important reason to have a phone these days is for all the information it can hold. Apps seem to be the key to diversity with the device. Our cell phones already tell so much about ourselves it is about time we can know more about other people through our cell phones that we carry with us everywhere. We have all been at a party where we had to introduce ourselves to someone we kind of know but just forgot their names or something important about them. We need help. Usually there is someone nearby to fill in the blanks before we shake hands.

We need a personal assistant to help jog our memories at times. There is a new App that promises to be the next big thing. It is called Human and it is all about I guess making your smart phone more human. It is the notebook we all wish we could carry around with us all the time. Call it a personal digital butler. Say you bumped into someone you just met 2 weeks ago at a party, but can’t remember his name. With this App you can search man from party 2 weeks ago and it will search your calendar, address book, recent locations and even look at your social networks like Facebook, You Tube and Instagram finding names and faces that fit your description of this person you met.

Arthur Jain the C0-founder and CEO of Human designed this App to remember people like you do. He claims that with the use of this App your performance will go up with everyone. It is a part of a new type of contextual App. They are trying to make our phones better information filters like Google Now that will send you a traffic report about the time you leave for work. Easily do is one that has your travel tickets and boarding passes ready for you when traveling. It also helps   that   Arielle  Zukerberg, the Facebook founder’s little sister is a top manager at Human.

So tell your phone all about you and where you go and who you meet. It will now become your personal assistant and remind you about everything. All you do and all you know.

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