Thursday, September 18, 2014

We all need the latest and fastest and most popular cell phone available to us instantly in order that we may send the latest and most popular photos or information to anyone and everyone we know instantly. After we have done all that, how do we protect the information we store on our devices? It is a problem for the rich and famous and just about anyone too. When privacy issues affect the famous, we all listen. There has been reported recently a massive invasion of privacy for some big name beautiful stars that include people like Jennifer Lawrence   and Kate Upton.
Hackers broke into their accounts, stole nude pictures and then leaked them onto the Internet. Wow I need to see that evidence. But the general public certainly does not need to see anything anyone does not want put out there for all to see. It is such an issue that even the FBI wants to see those beauties nude, oops I mean wants to investigate this horrible invasion of privacy. We all need to know how to protect our information. The FBI is investigating how it happened and who is behind this breach of privacy.

More than 100 of Hollywood’s leading ladies accounts were allegedly accessed, stolen or leaked to underground message boards and then the information went viral. The case could be an uphill battle for these celebrities   because first they have to find the person who stole the information which could be the toughest battle. Secondly, we must know where the photo’s originated. Who took the pictures? Who uploaded them? It is a big part to know who was involved with these private pictures before they went public.

It was an attack on the access information like user names, passwords and security questions. In this case, questions like what is your mother’s maiden name and what is the name of your pet? Can be easily found sometimes through their Wikipedia page.  When it comes to celebrities, there is already a lot of information about them out there. There is a lot of profit to be made to just someone who has something new to be bought out there about someone. You don’t want these pictures to be used to blackmail someone.

Everyone has concerns about privacy. You can hire companies like Insite Security of which Chris Falkenberg is the founder, to help people maintain their privacy by making it more difficult to find personal information however, once something is on the Internet, it is hard if not impossible to take it off. A successful way would be to try to make it harder to find. No one is really safe famous or not so famous that is because the information is stored in cloud storage accounts if you put the information into an Apple device. That are servers that store all our information coming from our e-Mails to our pictures even if they are   deleted   from our phones.

Oftentimes they have already been uploaded to the cloud and continue to exist. It is a consequence revealed in the recent movie called Sex Tape.  If you use services like Dropbox, Google, Apple or Facebook your data is also in the Cloud. So how can you protect your own photos and information on the Internet? Start by using unique and separate passwords for all your accounts.  Enable two step verifications on all your Apps. First,   your User name and Password and then a randomly generated private code typically sent to your smart phone via text message and be sure you accept those software update notifications.  Can we go back to those purple smudge Polaroids now?

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