Wednesday, August 6, 2014

They are killing our Generals now? What else do we need to prove that our military has trusted the wrong people in this mess of a war? Some enemy walked into our secure area wearing an American soldier’s uniform and shot the General. Meanwhile the war hero who didn’t lose a single soldier under his watch is wandering around on American soil now like a homeless man stripped of his well  deserved honors partly because he was wearing civilian type cloths while serving his time in Afghanistan. You don’t even know who he is.

The man I am talking about was not so long age considered one of our countries greatest heroes   and from what I have learned about him I think he is our hero over the past two decades who has been betrayed by the country he loves and has protected stunningly. His fall from grace was hard and fast and definitely underdeserving that now the enemy has gotten through to an American General’s death.  With all the money we show the world that we spend on our military, this is unacceptable.

His name is Jim Gant, a hard charging Special Forces Major in the Green Beret who dressed and fought like a native and once was considered the key to winning the war in Afghanistan. In just a few years  time, he was called an American hero; awarded the Silver Star then to being labeled by some idiots in the top brass a disgrace to the American Military.  He was like a modern version of Lawrence of Arabia, the Englishman T.E. Lawrence who led and fought with Arabian tribes and who was  immortalized in David Lee’s films and idolized by Jim himself.

He wasn’t innocent and he did break the rules but who doesn’t in war times? At least Jim broke rules to benefit his men and keep them safe instead of some stupid target wearing a uniform unlike anything anyone wears in that region. Other soldiers in other wars used service as an excuse to rape and use natives belongings stealing as if they had a right to do whatever they wanted. Jim is guilty of drinking booze, taking pain killers and having his woman by his side. So what. The man had the entire village on his side fighting the enemy with him in total trust   and he didn’t lose a single American soldier under his command. Now the idiots are losing GENERALS. That is the disgrace not Jim.

His woman was one of the most experienced war correspondents,  Ann Scott Tyson a respected writer for the Washington Post who probably would have been sent to the front lines to report anyway. She quit her job and left her family behind to secretly live with Jim as his lover for almost a year. Are you telling me soldiers never had romances while away in any war? Sure they did. She lived in one of the most dangerous corners of Afghanistan. Now they are married and going public with their version of love and war. It was a battlefield romance that violated rules and led to the end of Jim Gant’s military career.

Read her book called American Spartan that is about how they fell in love and went to war together.  With multiple tours of duty taking you away form everything that is American in this war, I understand her bravery and courage. Most soldiers are broken men from this war in that they get to come home to no one who loves them anymore. People move on quickly in relationships these days. She even took hours of videotape that she provided to ABC News of war coverage of his bravery fighting back the enemy. They should be well known for their bravery and not be in disgrace by our idiot brass.

They both knew that there was a lot of risk in what they did and have said they would do it again to serve their country despite being in complete violation of Army rules. Jim Gant was sent to Afghanistan in 2010 at a time when the United States was concluding that we were losing the war there. The Green Beret Major had proposed a way to win the war by sending small teams of Special   Forces to move in with and win the loyalty of the countries all important tribes. Winning one tribe at a time was a policy endorsed by General David Petraeus of the United States Army now retired who was the Former Afghanistan War Commander and other top Commanders told Gant to push the envelope and stretch the bounds. .Where are those high brass idiots now? Not defending our Generals and not giving Jim Gant the honor he   deserves. Jim brought a small team of about a dozen U.S. soldiers to assimilate with the tribes in two small villages.  He looked more like an Arab than a U.S. Army Major.

He is the reason our soldiers wanted to sign up for more tours of duty because they grew to believe that they had more family there than here in America. They were helping a village not just killing people they did not know and the village greatly appreciated the American help. Jim had grit, guts and good judgment and got around the red tape and handed out guns to the tribal Police he was defending. He gave them fuel for their vehicles and no he did not at times fill out the proper paper work. Does that make him a war criminal? Hell no! In every war good soldiers broke the rules for a worthy cause but high idiot brass did not strip them of rank and dignity as their way of saying thanks.  Any World War II proud elderly Veteran will still tell you what happened there will stay there.

Jim and his men rarely wore their official body armor or helmets or even army boots. When you are carrying 70 pounds of clothes and stuff and trying to chase down the enemy in well over 100 degree heat who are wearing flip flops and pajamas, you look and feel defeated.  It was much safer being dressed as an Afghanistan citizen. They moved faster, took cover better, could carry more ammunition and most importantly carry water. His strategy paid off and the American soldier was treated as a welcomed guest. NO TOP COMMANDER WAS MURDERED.

Jim Gant has been sent back to the States stripped of his Captain Green Beret Honors. He chose retirement over a Court Marshall brought on by a new Lieutenant in the Army. He has been called a disgrace by a three Star General. His men are in trouble too for following his order but all say they would fight again side by side again with him. The tribes welcomed him and his wife back when they visited too. No one wants to murder Jim Gant but his own government.

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