Thursday, August 7, 2014

Being deep in the middle of summer we have all seen our share of summer storms and lately with the high temperatures and sudden wind changes that can bring in deadly storm clouds quickly,  we must be on edge and prepared to take on these challenges. We are never that brave and lightening is always so dangerous and humbling to even the tallest and strongest of people.

In a flash you can be struck by lightning even in your home. If struck it is a miracle if you can survive the instant event. Nearly 80 Million Americans can be facing extreme weather on any given day somewhere in the country. July is considered the most dangerous month of the year but now in August things have not quite calmed down yet. Lightning is one of the most dangerous happenings on earth with the power to rip through buildings, trees, cars and even people.
So far lightning has killed about 15 people but there are many who somehow survive a blast of light. Survivors have experienced smoking charred clothes and even limbs that instantly become   charred with first degree wounds. Although lightning still strikes one in a million people, it can have life long effects. There is a pretty good chance that you can get life   long effects from your personal instant blast of light. There is a chance you can get neurological damage, headaches, severe chronic pain , memory loss and even personality changes says John Jensenius a Lightning Safety Specialist.

Lighting is so common yet we still don’t know so much about it. We don’t know what makes these bolts appear. We are still trying to measure and predict tornadoes. Those who study lightning have noticed that when one strikes the earth there is a return strike  immediately afterwards. Studying tornadoes and lightning is the final frontier of meteorology and is still being discovered because you need the courage and luck to get up close to collect imagery and data.

As severe storms still rage across our nation here are some tips to keep   you and your family safe this summer. 1. Find cover immediately especially at the beach where there is nothing to hit but you.
                 2. Once inside, stay away from water, a strike could go through the plumbing and get to you.
                 3. Stay away from windows and doors. Lightning can be attracted to doorknobs and metal trim.
So the best prevention is to not get caught in a storm.  When she is frightened of the thunderous sounds, hide under the covers and make a son till the sun comes out. Hmnnnnnn

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