Friday, August 29, 2014

 We all need extra money and we all get annoyed by stupid things on our cell phones. Did you know you can sue and get about $500 per annoying call? I am talking about getting revenge on those automated corporate cell phone calls. It is called Robocalling and sometimes   suing them is the only way to get the calls to stop. The calls come in by the millions every day. Most individuals can receive about 5 or 6 calls per day. Calls are being made to Americans who just about live anywhere.

Robocalls are pre-recorded ages that come to your phone via computer software. They can be annoying and frustrating because no matter how you respond, at times they do not stop no matter how you respond. Debt collection companies love the service. Sometimes the mechanically generated calls will even ask for a different name than yours. Not only are not wanted Robocalls sent to your cell phone illegal under Federal Law but companies that place these calls can be held liable.

It is a $500 minimum violation for every single unwanted phone call to your cell phone and could be worth up to $1,500 per call to you according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that is a law written in 1991 that restricts telephone solicitation. There are hundreds of thousands of people that are going through this problem and they just do not know their rights. DCI, Diversified Consultants the company behind many Robocalls.  They claim that it is just an honest error despite the fact that it happens a lot.

Gordon Beck the Chief Operations Officer from Diversified Consultants Inc. says that although there is human error they do their best every day   to ensure that things like that doesn’t happen.  He says that his company makes more than a million calls per day. The fact is that 68% of cell phone users receive some unwanted calls. A quarter of them say it happens several times per week. The biggest complaint of 34% of people say that they get calls for collection of debts that they don’t owe.

Harassment is another suable issue with debt collection. Repeated Robles   are   illegal   and when live debt collectors insult you or even use profanity or belittle you during a live debt collection call, well a woman, Diana May, was awarded $10 Million dollars for her pain and suffering from the harassment.  Allan Jones received funds for having to deal with racist calls from a debt collector. A jury awarded him $1.5 Million dollars for the abuse he received over a   $81 dollar debt from a collection company.

Suing Robocalling companies have become big business over the past three years. 312 people over the past three years with 98 people suing DCI. Is this the new cash cow for lawsuits? You don’t have to slip and fall in a business or pour scalding hot coffee on yourself for a lawsuit. Just pick up your phone more often. Is it your turn to collect from your debt collectors? 

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