Wednesday, September 3, 2014

She   is stupid and useless, known for a sex tape and her marriages. Very untalented, yet, everyone knows her name and her fame.  Now her crazy fans are expected to open their wallets to pay for an addictive App that is expected to make her 85 Million dollars richer than she already is. Kim Kardashian seems to know how to make money her way. She already claims to be a model, actress, entrepreneur, reality star and wife to rich or famous husbands. Now she can earn 85 Million dollars from an I Phone App. It is a game called Kim Kardashian’s   Hollywood. Does America really need our young girls engrossed in this nonsense?

They call it an escapist’s fantasy into the non -important world of Kim Kardashian. In the game you are working yourself up from a   nobody to becoming an   A-List Celebrity. This is all achieved by unlocking goals like choosing the right outfit to wear, choosing the right shoes and impressing men. Have women gotten nowhere in the equal rights effort? There are things like buying K Stars to stop a guy from breaking up with you and purchasing those can be really expensive.  You can spend hundreds of dollars on your Kardashian habit.
It taps into the addictive part of your brain. The money making genius of this game is in the in App   purchasing of K Stars that move the game along. Like any addictive betting sport, you don’t feel the financial pain till it is too late. Should Kim be getting kids involved in addictive nonsense spending?  Sure, as long as it makes her wealthier so she can waste more money in real life on non -essential   indulgences. It is the new American way. Screw talent and hard work. Kim is managing to make money just by being famous to be famous.

The makers of the game’s revenues rose 50% in just the last quarter. What this says about our society is saddening to play a game where your charm and your looks are prized above all. Meanwhile the people spending their last dollar on this game look like crap and possess no charm or self- confidence or they would throw the game out and work on their own real lives. Why do we put celebrity on such a pedestal? It is a reflection on our times.

Why didn’t we all think of a game like this? I guess because we don’t possess those secret skills of Kim Kardashian to make money doing nothing.

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