Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do you want the fortune that usually comes with fame but without the bother of fame? There are plenty of rich people out there that you have never ever heard of that lead pretty boring lives. What about those rich famous people who are constantly being spied upon and   even stalked upon by infatuated weird people? They have a tough life being famous. Well there is one girl out there who has written some pretty famous popular songs, gotten really rich and doesn’t want anyone to know what she looks like. So far she has been successful being able to lead a pretty private life yet receive the rewards that only famous people get to have.

Her name is Sia   Furler and her occupation is a singer/songwriter. You probably never heard of her but you probably have heard her music. Most unknown people who are singer/songwriters who are successful, you have seen and heard of. Sia has worked with some of the biggest names in music today. People like Beyonce and Katy Perry. Sia is 38 years old and has a voice just as big as those girls and has released her own hit called Chandelier. Her choice is to not  show her face on camera when she talks to the media.

Turning her back to cameras is the right choice for her because she does not want to be famous or recognizable. Therefore she probably will not be critiqued on her looks and rarely noticed on the Internet. She loves being able to shop in Target un-noticed and un-bothered with while listening to her songs being played throughout the store. Her album called A Thousand Forms   of Fear that features the song Chandelier hit the charts at number one. She has been writing pop songs for pop stars for a few years now.

Her resume is part of a who’s who of pop stars. She wrote songs for Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. She wrote Rihanna’s Diamonds song and Flo Riders Wild Ones song   and   Titanium   for David Guetta. Most of her songs come to her in less than an hour. She chooses a theme or a   lyric first then a tune comes to her. She is now recording her own songs rather than sell them to other artists because she is not sure that they will decide to record her ideas. Now she is a big enough star to take her own chances and they are all winners for her now.

Being faced with full on celebrity is not for her. She is now friends with many of the top performers out there and she wants no part of the private life they are forced to lead just because of who they are and their fame. The odds of getting to see her in concert isn’t good. Touring is not a lifestyle she craves either. She has performed on such shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live with her back to the audience and dancers all around her.

She pushes a concept of wearing a blond wig and children dancing with the message that anyone can put on a wig and become a star at least in their minds. 

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