Monday, June 9, 2014

Your living space belongs to you and you have the right to privacy and   the influence to only   allow    the   people you want into your home.  So you would like to think.  The fact is that intruders violate   what we think is our space all the time.  The police department is usually overwhelmed and we are lucky if they are willing to come to our home to do a makeshift investigation into the crime that has just   happened in our home.  We hate the thought of  people taking our stuff but we hate even more knowing that the uninvited broke into our  home and violated our space.  There are   new ways   available now for us to be more involved in successfully stopping crime and a new way to apprehend the criminal.

We can start with using new technology.  Nothing that sophisticated and certainly not hard to install.  Anyone now can affordably rig their home with   surveillance    cameras.  With this type of equipment, there is a good possibility that you could catch the thief by watching him live at another location been able to call the police and giving them up to the minute information to help them apprehend the criminals.  It is now possible for you to watch your own home invasion as it is happening.  Most likely the intruder will not know that the homeowner has now trapped them.  Your wireless cameras placed whenever you wanted them to be has now captured the movements of an intruder.

What is new now is that you can get an alert on   your  I phone.  Instantly you can see streaming video of what is going on.  Using your phone with a downloaded special app, where local police is called and most importantly with your guidance, the police will know where in the home the intruder is, how many intruders are there, do you see weapons?  Any question can be answered quickly and efficiently while the police are arriving at your location feeling confident that they have a heads up on what type of situation they will be facing.  With your video guidance they will even know what the intruders look like.  This   assistance is amazingly important in solving the crime quickly and safely for the officers. The police will be more willing to approach a situation they are sure about.
There is a new system that while looking at your app on your phone,   you   could speak through the sound system in your house.  The intruder is instantly startled when he hears from somewhere, “Get   out of my place!” The Intruder usually leaves sometimes without stealing anything.  There are times where the police are able to quickly apprehend the intruder and can at   least   hold them in jail on bail for a   while during a lengthy investigation.  Without   this type of assistance, most robberies or attempted robberies take forever to solve or not even pursued.

Security expert, Chris McGoey says this is all a proactive approach to use available technology to notify the authorities that there has been a burglar   in our home.  It is great to be the first to know when something unfortunate like this happens rather than to be the last to know.  Around the country now remote cameras are being used everywhere to protect people and their possessions.  With 911 tapes there are extensive dialogues accompanied with video to use as evidence in court.  This is all very important.

Sgt. Steve Wessendorf of the the  Boyton Beach Police Department is willing to admit that unless police catch them in the act,  coming out of a location in possession of stolen goods, an intruder can get away with the crime.  We all want to know what is happening in our homes when we’re not there.  Sometimes it is as simple as getting   a camera and a motion detector and it is as effective as a lock on your door.  Images can be sent instantly to your e-mail.  For about a$250 investment in these items, technology is part of our life.  Video surveillance   is not a waste of money.

They say pictures are worth   1000 words, well add videotape to that description.  The fact is that only one out of 10 burglaries are solved mostly because identifying the intruder is so difficult.  Now the intruder has a problem.  When they think no one is watching, someone is watching. Go buy some stuff you really need for your home. Protection.

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