Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We have arrived at the end of civilization as we know it.  I like to report on firsts but this first can change everything.  With this first, every illiterate person will really have a reason to never have to learn to read or write.  Any human’s basic need involves food.  As hunters and gatherers, if we don’t need grocery lists anymore or need to write checks anymore to purchase food, we can now revert back to the Neanderthals, our descendants that we came from because now we have the first voice ordered pizza with Domino’s app.  Yes and now you can just speak into your phone and someone will deliver that greasy pizza right to your mouth.  It is truly the American dream that has finally become a reality.

Siri baby, you got competition.  We may not even need Siri anymore because you know this trend will take off and soon everyone or every business will have their own app soon   to.  This week Domino’s became the first major fast food chain to offer a phone app that lets you order by voice.  How it works is that when the app for I phone or Android   is launched, you just touch and talk to “Dom,” a computer enhanced male voice.   Hey maybe that sexy girls Siri voice can hook up with Dom   someday.  I’m sure some creepy person is allready working on a dialogue between those two.

Dom currently responds only to English.  The ordering   platform is powered by Nuance   Communications, which specializes in voice-assisted ordering.  This move should be  successful and I bet all the other fast food chains will join in the new process.  Most fast food companies have customers who are constantly on their phones anyway.  They expect young people to use the app immediately and it is young people that can afford a   Domino’s   pizza and like it too.

Last week Starbucks introduced something new to attract customers to hang out in their stores.  They began installing wireless phone   chargers.  Yes you can charge your phone now while you receive free wireless Internet connection while you drink a strong coffee.  It is a tech’s geeks dream.  I find it amazing that big companies are looking to please   their customers with new technological innovations rather than improving their food products.  I guess it’s because they have an already proven successful food or beverage product.

Domino’s current mobile app is its   fastest growing ordering vehicle, now at about 18% of sales.  Well if the pizza delivery guy can’t get the   card board round thing with mystery red stuff on it, I mean the pizza, truly to its destination within 30 minutes without causing lots of car accidents, I guess they should be   publicizing   a really fast way to order the stuff.  What is more important is that this sort of thing is a brand new way of communicating.  Gone are the telephone booths, the telephone cord and soon typing with your thumbs will be gone.  We are becoming more like Star Trek.  How soon before we can say to a hand held device,   “ Beam  me up Scottie.” I guess for   now I can settle with, “Dom send me a pizza.”

Patrick Doyle, the CEO of Domino’s has 10,000 stores in 70 world markets.  That is a lot of places to promote something new in technology.  Within the $37,000,000,000 United States pizza market, technology is a place in which chains need to differentiate, says Chris Brandon a Domino’s spokesman.  We all know that Siri  and Dom are not real people and that their success in doing their job will eventually take away more jobs from more people.  A telephone operator is already part of history who has been taken over by automated answering systems everywhere.  Now even a crummy fast- food job isn’t safe.  Humans are   being replaced by apps.

There was a movie made recently where the male character falls in love with the voice on his mobile phone.  Do you think a girl could fall in love with Dom?  I think so but she’s gonna have to order a lot of pizza.

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