Tuesday, June 17, 2014

They tell us that the United States   just evacuated the embassy in Iraq and all I can think about is all the young soldiers that died or who survived and   are   just now broken people.  It was 2003 when America decided to help the Iraqi people.  It was a United States led invasion that successfully got rid   of their evil dictator Saddam Hussein who was abusing his own people.  America is the most powerful military machine in the world.  We are not used to evacuating.  We are used to liberating oppressed people from other   countries   like what we did years ago in Vietnam.  By the time the last U.S. forces left Iraq in 2011, it was a fairly peaceful country.  What happened in the past three years?

Over the years   there have been divisions   among the Iraqi people.  Similar to the constant battles between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  Religion seems to always divide people.  How ironic since I always thought that religion was supposed to save people.  Now in Iraq a religious war between the Sunnis   and the Shiites has   become a terrible ugly and bloody battle that most Americans just don’t care and don’t want to know any more.  Our families are exhausted. Even our most patriotic who donated   our bodies and souls for the past 10 years to wars in the Middle East don’t want to know about it anymore.  Even our president Obama looks aged and tired and grey haired probably over his constant dilemma of having to decide where or   when to send American troops somewhere to help others.

Everyone is disgusted.  The security of that country has come at a tremendous cost.  More than 4000 Americans died during the Iraq war, many of them   when U.S. forces surged into Baghdad and other areas in 2007, leaving the safety of large bases and moving into unstable neighborhoods.  This is the thanks we get?  The Sunnis and the Shiite should be worshiping the United States for what we did for those people in only the last 10 years.  How quickly they forget the hand who has fed them peace.

We should have learned from Christopher Columbus centuries ago to keep away from the Middle East.  Remember he discovered America sailing on unknown seas trying to find a way to China by avoiding   the Middle East and at that time people believed the world was flat and that he would just fall off the edge of the world but Christopher took the chance of certain death just to avoid the Middle East.  Wake up America!  Learn a lesson and get the hell out of the Middle East including Afghanistan.  It is time to look the other way; let those ungrateful bastards kill themselves.

 America has moved on to more disasters things than donating our bodies to ungrateful countries liberating them from their evil persecuting dictators.  We are numb and the only thing that could spark fear in us now are TV shows about diseases that imperil all mankind and Hollywood is investing a lot of money in disaster movies and series.  Television’s   latest super villain is a killer   with the ability to remain invisible and change shape while committing mass atrocities otherwise known as viruses.  The dramas could then include the prospect of infection illnesses and even pandemic.  These core elements are found in the   SCI Fi show Helix, and two new series one on   TNT called The Last Ship and FX’s The Last Strain to start in July.

Viruses have long played a dramatic role   in film appearing   in such movies as The Andromeia Strain in 1971, 12 Monkeys in 1995, Outbreak also in 1995 and Contagion in 2011 whose producers consulted the Centers for Disease Control to make it authentic.  On television, an Andromeda miniseries appeared on A& E in 2008, while 24’s Jack Bauer   dealt   with bio-terrorism in its third season and the show  Heroes characters tried to prevent the release of a deadly virus in season two.   Can’t we all just get along and maybe try to   entertain us all with good old hippie subjects like peace and love and health too? And stop all these stupid wars.

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