Thursday, June 19, 2014

Every time I go to the store it seems   that prices   are rising and there   isn’t anything as a consumer I can do about it other than complain here.  That is quite sad.  The general consumer is losing ground.  Don’t the great government economists realize that rising prices for everything from gas to meat   eat away at spending power?  Don’t they want Americans to spend money? They can’t just take money out of our pockets can they? 
Consumer prices last month rose at the fastest pace in more than a year.  Give us a break. We can’t keep up with that pace.  Is anybody’s salaries rising at a fast pace?  If yes, then give me that job.  The numbers compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics know exactly what’s going on.  Everything costs more and are up by significant percentages. Airfare up by 4.7%, electricity up   by 3.6%, medical services up by 3%, housing up   by 2.9%, gas up by 2.3% and everything else in general is up by   2.1%.  OK it is all under   5% but when you add it all up from   each category we have to purchase, we will have   empty pockets at the end of the day. 

Over the   last   12 months, prices have increased by 2.1%.  Food and energy   categories were up last month, the most   since   2011.Why?  Who is regulating this?  Is it just a beat up the   consumer free for all?  Food in general is up by 2.5%.  That includes cereals and bakery products.  Meats, poultry, fish and eggs are up by a whopping 7.7%.  Seriously? Right in the middle of grilling season?  Even fruits and vegetables up by 3.2%.  I’m sure if someone could bill me for the air I breathe the price of that would be up too.  Some are blaming the high price of food from a drought in California and   a virus in the pork population.
 The government knows all this and has reported   that average hourly earnings are down by 1% according to   the   Bureau of Labor Statistics.  How are we supposed to survive?  For the vast   number of average workers   who have gotten no wage increases, this hurts their   spending power.  In the meantime consumers have fueled their spending   with more credit card debt.  Do we really want to go   there again?  People are not using credit cards for unnecessary pleasures, they are using the cards to put food on the table.  Americans deserve better.

We are definitely leaning towards what happened to the people of Europe in the Middle   Ages Then   it   was Kings and Queens and landowners, now it is the leaders of industry and corporations who are legally raising prices and not sharing the wealth with the common person creating a great divide in the end of a civilization.

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